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The Playbook for your Living Room Refresh

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The Playbook for your Living Room Refresh


Maiden Home furniture

Maiden Home has made it seriously easy to design your dream furniture. We've partnered with the finest American craftsmen to hand craft gorgeous pieces our customers can't stop raving about, at lead times and prices unheard of in the high-end market. And we don't stop at beautiful products. We invest personal attention to each of our customers, walking them through fabric choices and layout decisions, all the way through to seamless delivery and beyond.

In other words, we've got your back.

In this post, we are breaking down your next steps from fabric swatches to delivery - showing you how Maiden Home has created a new way to buy custom furniture that you'll actually enjoy. 

Step One: Order your Swatches

Maiden Home furniture

Swatches are the best way to feel Maiden Home's quality in person - and we ship your selection of five swatches for free. Each of our materials was hand selected not only for its gorgeous hand (that's industry-lingo for how the material feels) but also for its superior performance capabilities.

We always recommend testing your swatches against your most common spills - be they coffee or red wine - to see their stain resistance for yourself. 

Haven’t ordered swatches yet? Now’s the perfect time - order your free swatch kit here or learn a little more about our fabrics by following this link.

Step Two: Contact your Design Advisor

Maiden Home design advisor

Our Design Advisors are on call to answer all of your questions. From which shape is best for your home, to what size and configuration will make the most of your space, to which material will stand up to your life - they have you covered.

Schedule time to speak with one of our Design Advisors by clicking here - we’ll call you when it’s convenient for your schedule and talk through all your questions. Send them pictures of the space, sketches from architects, even rug patterns and drape colors - they’ll be able to guide you in the right direction with personalized advice.

Step Three: Get Schooled

We understand that it can seem daunting to order furniture - especially custom furniture - online, so we’ve taken you inside our process through our quality and our comfort. Our goal is to make sure you’re armed with the best information possible, because we believe that when you have great information, you end up buying furniture you’ll love for years to come.

Need a second opinion? Explore our reviews to hear directly from verified Maiden Home customers. We never edit, modify, or selectively publish reviews of our products.

Step Four: Consult your person

Maiden Home custom sofa

We understand that making a decision about furniture is very rarely one that you make alone - so carve out time with whoever is going to have an opinion about the furniture you’re planning to order and crack open a bottle of wine. For some people this is a partner, for others a roommate, parent, friend, or pet. The best part about our collections and assortment of fabrics and leather is that we’ve designed them so that there are truly no “wrong” combinations.

Hitting a snag pulling together all of the elements of your new living room? We’ve outlined the Golden Rules of living room layouts that will help you make decisions about sizes, proportion, and style. Read it before your conversation with your person to appear very knowledgable, we won't tell. 

Step Five: Pull the trigger

Maiden Home grey sofa

You’ve done the hard part. You’ve measured, you’ve discussed, you’ve narrowed down to your favorite style and the fabric you can’t live without. Now is the time to pass the baton to our team to build you furniture you’re going to be thrilled to welcome into your home.

Our team works tirelessly everyday to make sure that we’re not only delivering the highest quality furniture at the best possible value, but that the experience of ordering with Maiden Home is as seamless as possible.

Once you place your order, you’ll receive regular build updates as your piece moves through our craftsmen’s workroom in North Carolina. When your furniture is ready to be delivered, you’ll be called by our delivery partners to set up a convenient time to receive white glove delivery in your home. If you ever have questions, we’re available via email, phone, text, or live chat to give you the type of personalized care that should accompany such an important purchase.

Step Six: Enjoy

This is the best part and doesn’t require much explanation. Kick back and enjoy furniture that was custom designed for your style and handmade for your home.

Maiden Home swatches

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