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Welcome to The Frame


Over the last year, our founder Nidhi Kapur's singular vision and passion for quality design have propelled Maiden Home to be the recognized leader in premium furniture and design. From our celebrated media accolades to sales records to our first 100, 200, (500!) orders, we can't help but reflect on all that our team has accomplished over the past twelve months.

But perhaps our most significant achievement rests in our commitment to building a product-first business. After all, we are continually reminded that a piece of furniture is so much more than just that! We believe that the right piece of furniture - especially a sofa - has the power to transform a house into a home. Our sofas are where our customers connect with their families, make memories, unwind and reset after long days. These experiences have deepened our mission to make custom furniture simpler, faster and more affordable than ever before - we truly believe that more consumers should be able to have that perfect piece for their home. They also motivate us to constantly raise the bar on our customer experience - we know we're making products that are central to our customers’ lives, and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

With that in mind - and on the occasion of our first birthday - we're excited to open our doors and invite our customers in to discover the hard work, spirit, and creativity that goes into the making of our brand. Welcome to Maiden Home's brand new blog, The Frame.

Our mission for this platform will be to both inspire and empower our customers through their journey of designing the perfect Maiden Home piece. From design profiles to styling tips to informative articles, we’ll strive to create a premier destination for our customers to learn and find inspiration through the Maiden Home lens. In the coming months, we'll be sharing tours of some of our projects across the country along with stories of the people behind the brand, from our incredible craftsmen in North Carolina to our team here in New York City who have worked so tirelessly to make Maiden Home what it is today.

These stories will only be the beginning as we expect 2018 to be a year of incredible growth and evolution for Maiden Home. We are growing our product line by offering new styles that cater to a broader set of lifestyles and design sensibilities. Our fabric and leather assortment will also evolve, as we bring cutting-edge Performance fabrics directly from our mill partners to our customers (light years before the big-box stores!). And lastly, we will be expanding our selection of products to new rooms of the home, as we see opportunities to bring better design, quality, and value to other major purchases our customers are making while also purchasing their living room pieces.

From the steps of our stoop to the inner workings of our studio, you're invited to build The Frame alongside us. We want this space to house the stories, content, and inspiration that will further enhance your Maiden Home experience - so feel free to reach out to us with suggestions and feedback. 

And while we know that there's no place like home, we hope The Frame serves as a close second. Bookmark this page as we'll be sharing new stories soon!

- Team Maiden Home

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