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Why North Carolina?

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Why North Carolina?


At Maiden Home, we often say that our products are a centerpiece that not only bring a room together, but the people within it, too. This has become especially true for the people behind the scenes of our company. The connection between our team in New York City and our craftsmen partners in North Carolina is really special, and something we’ve come to appreciate as it deepens over time.

But many people outside the furniture industry don’t know what makes North Carolina such an exceptional place for craftsmanship and artistry. So we set out to answer a common question we receive: “Why North Carolina?”

"Kelly and I are in North Carolina putting the final touches on some of our newest product introductions - including a new lounge chair that will be an exciting, modern turn for the brand. We are nearing the final stages of the development process, a journey that has spanned many months and several rounds of prototypes." - Nidhi Kapur, Founder of Maiden Home

In Maiden Home's early days, we were on a mission to create the highest quality sofas, chairs, and sectionals. After considering a range of manufacturing options - both domestic and abroad - we knew we had to be producing in North Carolina.

We learned that the state was historically known as the global heartland for high-end furniture-making. In the areas north of Charlotte, we found workrooms specializing in high-end custom upholstery, where skilled craftsmen are still building furniture with traditional techniques and heritage-quality materials. These techniques have been passed down in the workrooms and local vocational schools, reinforcing the local heritage and culture around furniture production.

However, in recent years, these time-honored traditions have been tested as big-box brands set their sights abroad. Outsourced mass production changed the face of the industry – to the detriment of both the customer and local manufacturers. Within this tumultuous landscape, we saw an opportunity to revitalize the local industry, which in turn provides our customers with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

A search for the perfect collaborator for our Leroy Chair - a unique design requiring a combination of woodworking and upholstery expertise - led us to Todd Zagaroli, who owns a boutique furniture studio in Hickory, North Carolina.

Todd has recruited some of the strongest local craftsmen talent, many of whom have decades of experience in furniture-making (meet some of them here!). He and his team are incredibly forward-thinking, partnering with us to bring old-school craftsmanship to our customers at a price and speed that has never been seen before.

Fast forward to present day, and we continue to be in awe of his passion for continuing his family's lineage of furniture making. Through our partnerships with manufacturers like Todd, consumers are able to buy quality products directly from the world's best craftsmen - with zero middlemen, showrooms or overhead in between - for the very first time.

"During a product's development, we visit many times in-person to finesse proportions, design details, and comfort - we often tear down and rebuild samples together on the spot with our craftsmen partners, it is a truly collaborative process." - Nidhi Kapur, Founder of Maiden Home

These "firsts" continue to push the boundaries to ensure the highest level of customer service, quality craftsmanship, and design integrity. And while we encourage our customers to ask us about our process, we can confidently say that every time we board the plane from Charlotte Douglas to JFK, we find ourselves more and more proud to work (and sit!) with a passionate group of makers who bring our vision of a better way in furniture to life. There's no question about it.

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Photos by Logan Bryan for Maiden Home
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