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A Guide to Our Newest Fabrics


Our journey to craft the perfect sofa is never quite finished; it’s constantly evolving as we stay on the cutting edge of industry innovations and trends. And when we find something great, we work to bring it directly to you–at a price and speed that’s never been done before.

Our deep partnerships with the industry’s leading mills and tanneries (including Sunbrella, Crypton Home and Moore & Giles) give us access to the latest materials, colors, and Performance qualities the market has to offer. Recently, we visited our mill partners in North Carolina to shop their latest collections, armed with insights from our customers and designer clients about their most important material needs.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce 20 new fabrics and leathers to our collection–each hand-picked to deliver the best of style and performance. This update was inspired by you - our customers! Surrounded by pets, kids or messy friends, you need a sofa that is both beautiful and livable.

Not sure where to start? This fabric guide will help you navigate through the selection process as you customize the Maiden Home piece of your dreams - and for your real life, too.

For the Pet Lover

Look for: Fabrics with a pile, rather than woven texture. These are less likely to trap fur or attract scratching.

Our pick: Our new Performance Tweed in Denim – a handsome yet hard-wearing fabric that is rated at over 50,000 double rubs and equipped with Sunbrella Performance. Both our Crypton Home and Sunbrella Performance fabrics are easily cleaned with soap and water, you won’t need to worry about dirty paw prints ruining your sofa.

Also consider: Velvet may seem delicate, but it’s a surprisingly durable and pet-friendly option. Its fibers release pet hair easily, making cleanup a breeze. And if you’re concerned about your cat turning your new sofa into a scratching post, velvet’s silky smooth non-woven texture makes it less likely to attract claws. Check out our new Velvet additions in Olive, Taupe, and Wine.

For the Family

Look for: Fabrics with an easy cleanability and color variation to hide everyday dirt and wear.

Our pick: Our new Performance Weave in Silver– a smooth, tight weave and Sunbrella Performance make it a family-friendly essential. Both our Crypton and Sunbrella fabrics feature performance technologies that are woven into the fabric’s fibers–meaning their easy cleanability won’t wear away.

We care deeply about the health of your family, and the sustainability of our manufacturing practices. All of our Performance fabrics are woven without the use of toxic chemicals such as phthalates, formaldehyde, and VOCs. They have also been Gold Certified by Greenguard, meeting the most rigorous standards for indoor air emissions to ensure our products are safe for you and the environment.

Also consider: Our new Merino fabrics feature a super soft texture and exceptional durability, with over 100,000 double-rub rating. With its subtle pattern and easy maintenance (cleanable with soap and water!), Merino is the perfect choice for family movie night lounging.

For the Entertainer

Look for: Spill-proof fabrics armed with Crypton Home or Sunbrella.

Our pick: Our new Performance Weave in Mist, a beautiful blue-green that’s the perfect backdrop for summer soirees. Sunbrella Performance makes it easy to wipe up inevitable spills. And there’s no need to sacrifice comfort or style! All of our materials were chosen for their soft hand, incredible texture and beautiful drape.

True Performance fabrics have been specially woven to offer remarkable stain and spill resistance, plus easy cleanability in the home. They go beyond strong durability marks to actually repel liquid spills, and can be spot cleaned by you with soap and water – no professional cleaners required! Consider this one less thing to add to your summer to-do list.

Also consider: Leather is a classic choice for the home - and for good reason! Its timeless style and easy care make it a year-round host pick. We love our new Pebbled Leather for its matte finish, beautiful texture, and silky-smooth feel.

Choosing Performance fabrics is a great way to ensure that your pieces stand up to your lifestyle - especially as we head into a new season of family gatherings, messy playdates, and trips to (and from) the beach.

But no matter the season, know that each of the fabrics and leathers in our lineup has been deemed “perfect” by our team. Remember that they are always here and ready to answer any and all of your questions. In the meantime, we invite you to sit back, relax, and peruse the many fabric options that are sure to cater to the ever-evolving needs of your home.

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