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Introducing the Maiden Home Bedroom Collection


Maiden Home bedroom collection launch

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest launch and your newest design obsession: The Maiden Home Bedroom collection, comprising the essential styles for the modern, considered home.

Our first two bed styles have come to encapsulate the Maiden Home ethos: Beautiful design paired with impeccable craftsmanship, delivered the modern way. Over the course of our exhaustive development process, we designed a better way to furnish your bedroom, from the details that will make you fall in love, to the comfort and support that will have you hitting snooze.

Maiden Home bedroom launch

Two years in the making

When our founder, Nidhi Kapur, first launched Maiden Home, she wanted to start in the heart of the home: the living room. Here is where she envisioned our customers entertaining, gathering with family, and creating memories. The bedroom, in her mind, was always the counterpoint to this social nexus - the thoughtful design of which would lend a sense of balance and cohesion to any home.

Over the course of two years, our team has scoured the market to find the finest materials and best partners to hand craft our beds. In that time, we dug into the details, uncovering ways that we could offer better design and experience at an unbeatable price.

Timeless Style & Thoughtful Details

Maiden Home has never been one for trends or shapes that will quickly become passé - favoring instead pieces that will not only stand up to your life, but also to the shifting tides of style. So when we approached the design of our first two bed shapes, we sought to create the staples of effortless design that would, when customized by our customer, also feel unique and personal to each customer’s home and style.

From the graceful taper of The Essex’s headboard, to the soft curve of The Wythe’s frame, each proportion was carefully calibrated to elevate our shapes and lend them the same level of detail and elegance for which our upholstered seating has come to be known.

Maiden Home bedroom collection launch

Resting Easy

The second, but equally important element of our bedroom collection was the experience of owning a Maiden Home bed. Each of our beds was engineered to not just strike a stunning profile, but also to mirror the type of performance that our customers have come to expect from Maiden Home furniture. All of our frames are hand-built by our craftsmen partners in North Carolina using the highest quality materials and techniques. Both bed styles were designed with mitered corners for an elegant, custom look that belies its simple assembly, making delivery and any eventual moves a snap. From start to finish, we’ve invested every possible dollar into the quality of your piece, which means longer-lasting, more beautiful furniture for your home.

All Maiden Home Beds are made with a system of hardwood slats milled from solid poplar wood. Each slat is 2.25” wide and spaced 3” apart along the foundation of the bed, and additionally secured with center support legs. This forms an even, supportive base for your mattress, removing the need for additional platform products including box springs. We know that a proper foundation for a mattress not only contributes to better sleep, but is also essential to the longevity of your mattress—meaning less time and money spent searching for remediations like foam or feather toppers three years down the line.


We’re looking forward to building you a beautiful bed for your home. Need a place to start? Swatches are a great first step to designing your perfect piece. Have more questions or just need a sounding board as you design your home? Schedule an appointment with your personal Design Advisor to speak with them about everything from product questions to layout and design.  

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Maiden Home bedroom collection launch


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