Decorating Tips | Choosing the Perfect White Fabric

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Decorating Tips | Choosing the Perfect White Fabric


Our Guide to Choosing the Perfect White

Pictured above: The Crosby Sofa in Salt Performance Tweed and Driftwood finish

There’s nothing better than a beautiful white sofa to set the tone of your space. It brings a sense of calm and creates the foundations for a true home escape. But how do you decide which white is best for you? In sourcing our fabrics, we took our time to thoughtfully curate specific shades of white that would work for a variety of styles and spaces—creating a collection of tried and true white hues.

Performance-backed Quality

You no longer have to sacrifice style for lifestyle when choosing white upholstery for your home. Each of our lightest materials have been selected to go beyond high durability marks. Our Performance fabrics are equipped to resist stains, and spills bead up on the surface to be easily wiped away—order a swatch kit to test it out for yourself. Luxury like this can actually live in a home—it’s all about beautiful fabrics that can hold up to our modern lifestyles, inspiring us to truly indulge at home.

Styling with Whites

Styling a white sofa offers endless potential that evolves with you and your style. We chose fabrics that not only offer versatility in designing the perfect white room, but that vary in texture—making it easy to add natural dimension and interest within a neutral color palette. You'll find shades that pair well with cool tones, warm tones, or that are versatile enough to work with either. In any space, using tones of white creates a light and refreshingly airy feel—adding brightness where you want it most. 

As natural lighting varies from home to home, your best guide will always be to order a free swatch kit and compare them in your own unique setting. From tones that are pure and bright to the creamy, warm, and soft, use our guide to find the perfect shade of white for your piece.

Our White Fabric Collection

The White Fabric Collection

Bone Performance Textured Linen

Bone Performance Textured Linen is our truest white. Its pure hue is versatile enough to pair with both warm and cool tones, while the casual weave offers a beautiful texture of natural cotton and linen fibers. 

The Jones Modular in Bone Performance Textured Linen

Pictured above: The Jones Modular in Bone Performance Textured Linen

Polar Performance Bouclé

Polar Performance Bouclé offers a pure white tone with rich, luxurious texture. Its true white hue is versatile enough to pair with both warm and cool tones, while texture and dimension add interest when designing with neutral color palettes. For of-the-moment styling, pair textural Polar Performance Bouclé with warm tones like our Almond Mohair or Cider Performance Velvet to create a striking color combination and luxe feel. 

The Jones in Polar Performance Bouclé

Pictured above: The Jones Modular in Polar Performance Bouclé

Salt Performance Tweed

This handsome woven fabric offers a soft, velvety texture with a hint of warmth. It pairs beautifully with warm tones and features a multi-tone weave that adds a soft, rich dimension to any piece.  

The Crosby Sofa in Salt Performance Tweed

 Pictured above: The Crosby Sofa in Salt Performance Tweed and Driftwood finish

Alabaster Performance Chenille

This soft, two-tone weave offers a hint of luster in a subtle off-white tone. It pairs well with both warm and cool tones, adding versatility in designing with any décor style. 

 Pictured above: The Muir Sofa in Alabaster Performance Chenille and Natural Ash

Powder Performance Chevron

This tightly woven fabric features a chevron patterned texture that adds interest to any piece while camouflaging signs of wear. With its hint of warmth and subtle sheen, Powder Performance Chevron pairs well with warm tones for a cohesive look or contrasts beautifully with cool tones for added interest and depth.

Pictured above: The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman in Powder Performance Chevron with Greywash finish

Pearl Performance Textured Linen

Pearl Performance Textured Linen is a light, creamy white bringing casual elegance to any setting. Its warm hue pairs well with warm tones and organic textures, lending a casual, relaxed vibe with its natural cotton and linen blend. 

The Dune Sofa in Pearl Performance Textured Linen

Pictured above: The Dune Sofa in Pearl Performance Textured Linen

Oyster Performance Linen

Oyster Performance Linen is a unique white that features a cool, creamy base with subtle grey undertones. With its unique color profile, Oyster Performance Linen can bridge the gap between warm and cool in decor allowing you to easily combine rich, warm neutrals with cooler tones together in one space. Try this shade with grey walls or rich blue hues in accent pieces.

The Sullivan Sofa in Oyster Performance LinenPictured above: The Sullivan Sofa in Oyster Performance Linen and Driftwood finish with The Leroy Chairs in Denim Performance Tweed and Driftwood finish.

Start designing your perfect white piece by ordering a free swatch kit of our most-loved white hues