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Lay the Foundation: Better Beds, Better Sleep


Why bed foundation bunky board is better than slats

When we first launched Maiden Home, we approached the design process through the eyes of outsiders - questioning the basics of each step of the process to create the best possible experience for you. Every day we hear from Maiden Home customers letting us know that every late night or trip to North Carolina to work with our craftsmen partners was worth it to create a better, easier, and more beautiful furniture-buying experience.

So when it came time to dive into designing our first bedroom collection, we left no stone unturned. One of the more surprising corners that we found other brands cutting was with regards to the foundation of their beds - or the surface on which your mattress rests. Most brands will offer metal or wooden slats as the standard base for their beds, offering upholstered foundations at an additional cost (sometimes as much as $300!)

We’re diving into why Maiden Home offers our foundation with each of their beds at no additional cost - and why we think this should be an industry standard.

What is a foundation?

A foundation - also called a bunky (or bunkie) board - is an upholstered platform that lies between your mattress and the structure of your bed frame and provides superior support and weight distribution. Foundations come standard in most high-end custom beds, but on lower-end mass-produced styles they have been increasingly replaced with rows of metal or wooden slats.

Slats were first introduced as a cost-savings for companies. This made sense given the overall expectation that their customers would not place their mattress directly on the slats - instead opting to place a box spring between mattress and slats. This standard practice becomes problematic as Americans began eschewing the box spring, and even worse as we started to favor foam mattresses.

Why bed foundation bunky board is better than slats

What’s the harm in putting my mattress directly on slats?

Most companies will design their beds to have wooden or metal slats that give the illusion of a stable, supportive base for your mattress. Unfortunately, because of the space between the slats, the weight distribution of your mattress is thrown off kilter. This means a less supportive, less comfortable sleeping experience and contributes to a more rapid degradation of your mattress.

Moreover, many mattress warranties require a full foundation support system (either a traditional box spring or an even platform) - meaning that if you choose to place your mattress directly on a slatted support base, you may be forfeiting the coverage that you deserve when investing in an oftentimes expensive element of your home.

Shouldn’t I just use a box spring?

Box springs were invented at the turn of the century to raise the height of the bed and provide additional comfort to mattresses that were significantly less plush than they are today. As mattresses became softer and more downy, the purpose of the box spring shifted - moving away from a comfort function and towards providing a proper foundation to increase support and prolong the lifetime of the mattress. As this shift occurred, most manufacturers began eliminating the springs from the box spring, instead just creating a sturdy platform with a wooden frame covered in low-grade fabric.

Maiden Home constructed their beds so that our customers do not need to buy a box spring - shaving the costs of the bed as a whole, and creating a more modern, streamlined aesthetic. By eliminating this outdated extra, we’re simplifying the process of creating a beautiful bed you’ll love to climb into at the end of the day. 

Why bed foundation bunky board is better than slats

We’re excited to build you a beautiful bed that will not only provide a gorgeous setting for winding down, but also stand the test of time - giving you and your mattress the support that you need to get a great night’s rest.

Ready to dive in? Start with swatches today to experience our gorgeous fabric and leather options. Or, if you need a second opinion, feel free to schedule an appointment with your personal Design Advisor to talk through designing your space. From product inquiries to help laying out your space, they have you covered with personalized advice, perfect for your home.

Why platform bunky board is better than slats

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