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Maiden America: East Fork Pottery


Maiden Home is proud to partner with North Carolina craftsmen to bring the highest quality furniture to our customers. In one of our favorite series, we're talking to other makers who are working with American artisans to craft beautiful, unique products.

In this installment of Maiden America, we spoke to Connie Matisse, one of the three founders of East Fork Pottery, a pottery and home goods brand based in one our favorite states - none other than North Carolina. We were introduced to East Fork Pottery by our founder, who is obsessed with their simple, hand-made craftsmanship paired with of-the-moment colors and silhouettes. Whether it's their vases - which would, incidentally make the perfect hostess gift - or their plates and bowls, we can't get enough of their beautiful work. Read on to learn more about Connie, which trends she's currently loving, and of course, why American craftsmanship lies at the heart of their business. 

What is your design philosophy?

We founded East Fork with the mindset that eating, drinking, and making one’s home are sacred acts, and that the objects we use day in and day out should elevate and humanize our daily domestic rituals. Our pieces are unfussy, durable, and timeless.

Why is American craftsmanship important for your business?

Amidst the restructuring of the retail landscape and shuttering of almost every major dinnerware manufacturer across the US, we’re uniquely positioned to breathe life into two shifting industries with our expansion of brick and mortar retail shops and the launch of a dinnerware production factory. North Carolina, in particular, has a rich, robust, and thriving ceramic tradition—but East Fork is one of a very small handful of potteries in the country making a full collection of dinnerware at scale. It felt important for us to be able to invest in our local community.

What is your favorite room of all time?

Favorite of all time is difficult! At the moment, a room that I feel particularly excited to be in is our newly opened East Fork Atlanta shop. The cashwrap, designed by Shelter Collective and made by Union Wood Works, is a treat to look at. Apart from that, the room where I go for a moment of much needed relaxation is my bathroom at home. It has a big claw foot tub and weird, slanted ceiling, window that looks onto our pretty backyard.

One design trend you’re loving right now?

I love the anything goes attitude in design right now. Lately, I’m all about spaces that draw you in rather than push you away. I’ve had my most enjoyable moments it spaces that aren’t necessarily designed “well”, rather spaces that I can feel at ease and fully present in.

Where do you find inspiration?

As a business owner of a company that’s scaling, we’ve been putting a lot of thought and have felt very inspired as a business of finding ways that we can contribute to making our communities more socially equitable. We want to use our platform to advocate for and contribute toward a more just and kind world, with compassion, sincerity and generosity driving our choices and find a lot of inspiration in other businesses striving to do the same.

Connie's Top Five Maiden America brands: 

Maiden Home Made in America

  1. The Hayes - Looks like a dream to sink into!
  2. East Fork Contour Vase is a forever favorite. Looks just as elegant solo on a bookshelf  as it does with a minimal flower arrangement.
  3. Everyday Oil - All of us at East Fork are obsessed with this stuff. It’s made by our pal, Emma in Black Mountain, NC, smells divine, and has endless uses.
  4. STATE The Label - I want to live in pretty much anything GA-based Adrienne Antonson makes. All of her garments are made using sustainable and organic materials, and often made from reclaimed workwear. 
  5. Scosha - Brooklyn jewelry designer who made our wedding rings - everything she makes is magic. 

To learn more about East Fork Pottery - visit their site or follow them on social media

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