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Partnership is at the core of our business model and mission. From the team in NYC to our partners in North Carolina, to delivery teams across the country, it truly takes a village to deliver the Maiden Home experience! Today, we continue to work closely together to maintain excellence in our products and service as we grow.

As a team, we are all aligned with a singular goal of delivering great customer experience, and it’s this common ground that defines our company culture. It creates an ethos of teamwork and collaboration that has defined the character of Maiden Home, both internally and externally. We’re lucky that as a small team, each of us has the opportunity to positively impact the customer experience in our day-to-day. Enter Dana Bonda, our Senior Manager of Operations and Design Advisor.

Dana joined the team months before our launch and has been integral to our success to date. More than anything, Dana is responsible for Maiden Home’s reputation for exceptional customer experience. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure customers are, simply put, blown away by Maiden Home. As our first Operations hire, Dana had the opportunity to “set the bar” for customer experience from day one. She’s set it incredibly high, and now as we grow, our focus is continuing to meet it every day.

As one of our Design Advisors, Dana is also on the “front lines” with our customers and gathers incredible insights from her conversations with them every day. Her input has shaped our product plans, brand messaging, and key business policies. Dana's contributions to Maiden Home are unmatched, and we wanted to open the door and invite our customers in to join our coffee meeting at Maman where we spoke with Dana about her experiences as one of Maiden Home's first hires, her day-to-day on the job, and her favorite moments from engaging with Maiden Home customers.


Hi! My name is Dana, and I am the Senior Manager of Operations and Design Advisor at Maiden Home. I started working at Maiden Home in October 2016, before we officially launched. It has been amazing to be a part of such an incredible company from the beginning. I recently purchased and am in the process of decorating my own "maiden home!" I live with my husband Alex and our new fur baby Luna; she’s a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.


Since I joined the team, I have been given a firsthand look at the art of building beautiful, handcrafted furniture. Our partners in North Carolina are so proud of their work, and I’m excited I get to bring it to the online consumer in a way that has never been done before. I am in the process of furnishing my own home, and I always find myself asking, “Where did this piece come from?” “Where was this made?” Quality is everything when it comes to furniture, and working at Maiden Home has made me a much more informed consumer.


One of the most important parts of my job is making sure our customers have an exceptional experience from the time they place their swatch kit order through the day their piece is delivered. I track each of our orders very closely and am in constant communication with our partners in North Carolina every day.

Other than managing all of our orders I work with our customers on a one-on-one basis during the design process. This means reviewing floorplans and photos and working with our customers to figure out which piece and fabric combination is right for them. My favorite element of the job is narrowing down on the perfect fabric and piece for our customers. It is so exciting to see their vision come to life and I’m lucky I get to be a part of that!


I recently worked with a customer, and we landed on our Ludlow in Velvet for her home – it’s beautiful! After delivery, she was so thrilled with her piece she sent me a photo of her daughter sitting on their sofa with a huge smile. It is super rewarding to know I was a part of making their house a home.


I am a firm believer that living room sofas set the tone for the rest of your home. This room is likely where you spend most of your time, host your friends, relax with your family. For all of those reasons, it is essential that this particular sofa meets your needs and will stand the test of time. Who wouldn’t want a hand-crafted piece made by the best upholstery craftsmen!?


The Maiden Home customer community should know that I am their resource for any and all questions and concerns they have as they consider their furniture options. I am an expert when it comes to choosing the right piece for your family; there are no questions that are off limits.

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