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Three Recipes For Expertly Mixing and Matching Upholstered Furniture


Maiden Home offers custom options, making mixing and matching your upholstery a breeze.

Whether you’re starting with a blank slate, or adding new pieces to your existing furniture layout, bringing together different upholstered pieces in any space can be difficult. But while it may be challenging, expertly mixing materials, colors, and shapes is the key to creating an interesting, yet cohesive space.

So how do you achieve this magazine-ready look for your home? We’re taking out the guesswork and providing some of our favorite recipes for success, as well as the tips and tricks that pros use when mixing and matching upholstered pieces in their spaces.

Recipe one:

Maiden Home offers a range of materials to customize your perfect space.

Pro Tip: 

When pairing silhouettes, look for contrast that will bring a sense of balance to the space. The Dune’s easy, relaxed styling is counterbalanced by the crisp, tailored look of The Bowery coffee table ottoman in this recipe. By creating contrast between the shapes, you can easily pair two pieces in the same material without looking matchy-matchy.

More Ideas:

Recipe Two:

 Maiden Home makes mixing and matching furniture pieces easy with a range of fabric and leather options to choose from.

Pro Tip:

If one of the pieces in a room has a prominent wood element, like The Hayes (or The Leroy), you can actually use the tone of the wood to tie the upholstery together. Warmer wood tones, like The Hayes’ beech frame compliment the warm tones in The Warren’s Champagne Performance Basketweave and create cohesion between the more graphic black sling and the more subtle, buttery tones of the sofa’s upholstery.

More ideas: 

Maiden Home offers a range of fabric and leather options, making designing the perfect piece a breeze.

Recipe Three: 

Pro Tip: 

Using contrasting materials is essential when pairing pieces that are stylistically similar, like with The Sullivan and The Leroy. Pairing the nubby, cozy texture of White Performance Washed Linen with the more sleek, modern feel of Ash Tribeca leather gives the space a sense of balance.

More Ideas: 

Maiden Home offers a range of fabric and leather options, making designing your perfect space a breeze.

Ready to dive into designing a chic, cohesive space? Ordering swatches is the perfect first step to designing your space. If you need a little help coordinating the shapes and materials in your space, our team of dedicated Design Advisors are on hand to assist as you create the perfect pieces for your home. 

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