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Spotlight on Performance Washed Linen


Maiden Home performance washed linen

When we set out to create a gorgeous slipcovered sofa last summer, we knew that we’d need to find the perfect material for its tailored cover. We wanted it to have the hand of a favorite t-shirt, showcase the variated texture natural linen, and come in a range of ultra-modern hues perfect for any home. Oh, and it would also have to be super easy to spot clean and machine washable.

The team at Maiden Home scoured the market for a material that fit the bill, and came up disappointed. So we partnered with Valdese Weavers, one of America’s oldest and most respected fabric mills, located just miles from some of our furniture workrooms in Hickory, North Carolina. Using their heritage skill, passed down over more than 100 years, we developed a material that had all the beauty of a softly-textured natural linen while retaining the performance qualities that give our customers peace of mind. Finally, after months of working hand-in-hand with our partners in North Carolina, we edited the collection of colors down to four must-have, year-round shades.

Since its launch, we’ve seen Performance Washed Linen become of one of our customers’ all-time favorite materials - as perfect for a beach house in East Hampton as it is for a high-design family home in Indiana. Discover a few of our favorite spaces featuring this gorgeous material below.  

White Performance Washed Linen

Maiden Home Performance Washed Linen

Anissa Zajac of House Seven Design wanted a crisp, modern aesthetic for her living room and has always loved the look of white upholstery, even for the most high-traffic areas of her home. So when we worked with her to refresh her space, we knew that White Performance Washed Linen was the perfect match for her style and her home: a true white that could meet her design standards while also standing up to her children and pets.

Want to explore Anissa’s design and learn more about why she never shies away from white upholstery for her family home? Dive in here.

Fog Performance Washed Linen

Maiden Home Performance Washed Linen

When we’d originally developed Performance Washed Linen, it had been as the perfect fabric for a modern, sophisticated slipcover, but we soon realized that this material was as versatile as it was gorgeous. Shown here on The Warren L-sectional in Fog, it instantly adds a casual-cool aesthetic to even the most modern space.

“My Dune couch in Fog Performance Washed Linen surpassed my expectations. The quality is incredible. A+!” - Dawn, CA

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Natural Performance Washed Linen

Maiden Home performance washed linen

We hear comments from customers all the time worried that our light, bright upholstery options won’t be a fit for their young children or nieces and nephews. It’s one of the reasons why we focused so diligently on the performance qualities of this exclusive fabric. Everyday spills from coffee to red wine will bead up on the surface of the material to be wiped away with a cloth, and any more stubborn scuffs or stains can be easily buffed out with a gentle detergent and water. In other words? You’re covered.

Want to experience Performance Washed Linen in person? Order your free swatches today to feel our quality in the comfort of your home. If you need a little help sorting through our assortment of fabrics and leathers, we’d love to help! Connect with your personal Design Advisor to talk through any design questions or just get a second opinion. We're available via phone, email, chat, or text, or you can schedule an appointment to talk to your Design Advisor via this link.  

Maiden Home performance washed linen 

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