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Color Schemes You May Not Have Considered & Why They Could Be Perfect for Your Home


Maiden Home fabric swatches

When our founder launched Maiden Home, she set out to find the best materials on the market in colors that felt timeless, yet ultra modern. With a growing family and pets in the house, she went through thousands of options to find materials that not only looked and felt beautiful, but were also equipped with the latest performance technology to stand up to creative toddlers, rambunctious labradors, and spill-prone friends. 

By setting such a high standard for durability, you're able to rest assured that every one of our materials will be a match for your everyday spills and messes - so all you have to do is decide which of our gorgeous colors and textures you love the most. 

While you’re perusing our curated selection of tastemaker-approved colors and shades, we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite color schemes that you might not have considered, and why they may be perfect for your home.

Light, Bright Whites

We’ve long been a fan of bright, white upholstery as the perfect way for customers to transform their home into an airy escape. While many shy away from this color scheme for fear of maintaining a pristine white living space - we’ve worked tirelessly to not only select, but also develop fabrics that offer that perfect white palette paired with high-level performance qualities.

Whether it’s spill-resistance (spills will bead up on the surface of the material to be wiped away) or easy cleanability, each of our lightest materials has been chosen for its ability to stand up to your everyday life while delivering that magazine-worthy look.

We Love:

The Ludlow in Oyster Performance Linen strikes a beautiful balance between modern lines with a timeless vibe. In this bright, yet buttery linen it offers a polished seat as comfortable to lounge on as it is gorgeous to look at.   

The Dune sofa rendered in Oyster Performance Linen offers double-duty on cleanability. We custom developed this material to resist stains and spills and be machine washable should you ever want to give it a deep clean. Just remove the cover and pop it in the washer and your furniture will look as pristine as the day it arrived.  

Pictured above: The Ludlow Sofa in Parchment Performance Tweed and Charcoal finish

Deep Blues and Indigo

Many opt to upholster their largest pieces in safe neutrals that will stand the test of time, but also provide them with the flexibility to adjust their decor around investment pieces. While this is a strategy we always advocate for - after, all your sofa may be the most expensive piece of furniture in your home - we also advocate alternative neutrals - the king of which is a deep, inky blue.

As comfortable in a vintage bungalow as in a stately living room, dark blue anchors as space, lending a sense of weight and importance to the seating area.

We Love:

Create a gorgeous occasional seating area or reading nook with a pair of Leroy chairs in Denim Performance Tweed, creating the perfect balance between the cozy texture of the tweed and the sculpted architecture of the Leroy’s hand-crafted frame.  

The Warren in Midnight Performance Velvet puts vintage spin on this ultra-cool silhouette. The cozy, textural velvet becomes the perfect foil to The Warren’s angular lines, and graphic seam detailing.

Pictured above: The Sullivan Sofa in Oyster Performance Linen and Driftwood finish with The Leroy Chairs in Denim Performance Tweed and Driftwood finish.

Ready to design your perfect piece? Select from one our pre-curated swatch kits above or personalize your own, delivered to your door for free. If you're in need of a second opinion, schedule a consultation with your personal Design Advisor now to talk all things design, customization, comfort, and performance. 

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