Cut & Sew has begun on my Maiden Home furniture.

Cut & Sew has begun on my Maiden Home furniture.


maiden home cut & sew

This week, skilled upholsterers are cutting and sewing the material for my furniture.

Down in North Carolina, the fabric or leather for the furniture I've custom designed through Maiden Home is being hand-selected, cut, and sewn to prepare for upholstery, which will begin next week. The patterns for my furniture, rendered in thick brown cardboard are pulled from their position lining the cutting room and used to outline each piece of my upholstery. 

An expert sewer will then stitch together the panels to perfectly fit the custom design and dimensions of my furniture. This precision-work is handled by the most experienced hands in the workroom, and lay the groundwork for beautiful, custom upholstery. 

Want to learn more about Maiden Home's fabric selection and how we've hand-picked some of the finest materials available? Explore more via this link. 

maiden home swatches