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The Best Furniture Choice for Your Family

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The Best Furniture Choice for Your Family


Maiden Home Family Friendly Non-toxic

Sofas are almost always the heart of the home. From movie nights with a best friend to building forts with kids, our friends and family spend a lot of time lounging, napping, crawling, climbing, reading, and cuddling on the sofa. So when Maiden Home set out to build a better way in furniture, our first priority was building pieces that would make sense for your home: Beautiful quality and exceptional durability at a reasonable price, built responsibly with the safety of your family in mind.


Maiden Home was built on the simple premise that luxury quality, custom furniture shouldn’t break the bank. By eliminating many of the outdated extras that pad traditional furniture pricing like stores, showrooms, and catalogues, we’re able to deliver a higher quality product at the best possible price and on a lead time that’s unheard of in custom furniture.

Maiden Home value

Maiden Home’s founder, Nidhi Kapur, is a working mother, so she understands that value for parents means more than just the best price for the best quality, it also means more time spent on homework and bath time, and less time scouring the internet for deals or on the phone with customer service. So we built a seamless modern experience: fair, transparent pricing year-round, thoughtful customer service, and easy returns if you don’t absolutely love your sofa.

Maiden Home family friendly furniture non-toxic


The sofa seems like it should be safest thing in your home: rounded corners and soft cushions certainly don’t seem like something you’ll need to worry about. Unfortunately, upholstered furniture has traditionally been made using some pretty scary chemicals. They are most prevalent in low-quality furniture built overseas where environmental regulations are more lax, and the materials are treated with noxious chemicals to reinforce flimsy components or make them easier to ship. When you unwrap this furniture in your home, it creates an effect called “off-gassing” of Volatile Organic Chemicals (or VOCs) that can cause fogginess, headaches, even mood swings. Additionally, the fabric covering your piece can be treated with harsh chemicals and anti-fungal agents that can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.  

Maiden Home has taken every step to reduce the amount of VOCs present in our sofas from the frames to the upholstery, completely eliminating the most harmful chemicals like phthalates, formaldehyde, and flame retardants. We’ve done the research so that the only thing you need to worry about is which piece will look best in your home.  

Maiden Home family friendly furniture non-toxic

Durability & Quality

Families can create a lot of traffic on a well-loved piece of furniture like a sofa. Everyday we hear from mothers worried about rambunctious toddlers or 6’4” husbands and their 6’4” friends. So we’ve partnered with the best craftsmen in America to build durability into the architecture of every piece that we make. Heritage joinery techniques mean no squeaking frames and hand-applied springs mean a supportive, resilient seat for years to come. We’re so confident in the fundamentals of our furniture, we guarantee our springs and frames for life. Want to learn more about Maiden Home quality? Check out this post to dive into the nitty gritty.

But while the interior of your sofa is an important element of its longevity when it comes to family homes, the upholstery is paramount. Each of our fabrics and leathers are hand-selected to stand up to the toughest stains and spills that life can throw at you. Many of our fabrics are equipped with Crypton or Sunbrella technology, meaning they have the cozy feel of an organic fiber paired with state-of-the-art stain resistance. Even if your toddler gets a hold of your eyeliner and goes to town on your brand new white sofa, stains will come out easily and completely. Does this example feel oddly specific? That’s because it’s a true story from a real Maiden Home customer. Explore more of our reviews here, like this one care of Sadia and her artistic toddler.

Need a place to start? Order your free swatch kit to feel Maiden Home quality from the comfort of your own home.    

Maiden Home free swatches

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