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The Dune - Slipcover Performance Linen Oyster Sofa

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The Type of Pillows Makes A Difference

I bought two of the Dune's in Flax Performance Textured Linen to face each other in our family room that faces our open concept kitchen. It's the perfect place for my toddler to play between, creating forts and reading corners. Overall, the sofas are beautiful. They give the perfect balance between both classic and forward, high end and cozy, luxurious and durable. The bench style seating makes lying down on the sofa for my 6'1" husband not only doable, but he's fallen asleep many times unintentionally. The only issue I had was that I originally ordered the classic back pillows because I thought it looked cleaner and easier to keep tidy. However, the classic back pillows are so overstuffed and stiff that sitting upright on the sofa was uncomfortable for 5'4" me that my husband could never sit back on the sofa. I thought maybe with time it would break in a bit, but we couldn't break it in because no one would sit in it. My husband would remove the pillows to lay down in it. I reached out to Maiden Home and asked if I could exchange my classic back pillows for the scatter back seeing as how you could arrange the pillows behind you more easily to add more depth to the seat. They asked me to send the swatch that is stitched under the seating to color match the batch exactly and sent the scatter back pillows several weeks later. Upon first impression, the scatter back pillows felt a bit small, but I was comparing them to the very overstuffed classic back pillows. However, after a couple of days, the ease of use made them worth having to rearrange at the end of the day everyday. Anyone can sit comfortably, more upright or sunk in by rearranging the pillows behind them. The only other thing worth mentioning that I wish I knew from reviews earlier is that you can really feel the wooden frame on the arms and back. The look of the style, I think, prevents there to be a bunch of stuffing or wrapping on the edges. I thought I would mind more, but it never bothered me functionally. It was just something that caught me off guard when I initially received the sofas. Otherwise, I'd still highly recommend to anyone looking for a sofa. I would just call those things out specifically to better inform them of their purchase.

Everyone loves my furniture

These sofas are fantastic, especially for the price, level of customization, and speed of delivery. I have the chair and a half and everyone tells me they've never seen a better one and immediately want to order one of their own. The ability to wash the slipcover is so helpful! Also - the stiffness and crinkling of the sofa when you first receive it goes away pretty quickly and over one year in, I am so happy with how my pieces have kept their shape. They look like new! Maiden Home is definitely at the top of my list for when I need more furniture.

One year in!

We’ve had this sofa for a year and honestly couldn’t be happier. I was worried about buying a sofa without ever seeing/sitting on it but it’s exactly what I wanted. The cushions were a little stiff and noisy at first but that quickly went away. The fabric is so easy to keep clean, and I have a 130 pound dog who thinks it’s funny to jump on the couch when his paws are muddy. It still looks brand new. The depth is not designed for those who like to sit straight up with their feet on the floor, so keep that in mind.

Couldn’t be happier!

I just received my Dune sofa from Maiden Home and I could not be anymore thrilled! It took me over a year to finally decide to take the plunge on purchasing. My hesitancy stemmed from the fact that I couldn’t see the sofa in person at a store. I checked out slipcovered sofas from Pottery Barn, Crate&Barrel, and Living Spaces. None of them had all the qualities I was looking for (comfort, durable fabric, and overall aesthetic). Maiden Home hit all check marks for me. I ordered many fabric swatches and decided on the Flax Performance Textured Linen. It is a really pretty off white/warm-gray color. It is also spill resistant. I tested the swatch with red wine and coffee. Grace from Maiden Home was very patient and answered all my questions through the whole decision process. I ordered the sofa on 7/16 and it was delivered on 8/16! The delivery time was much faster than Maiden Home anticipated. The estimated delivery window was around mid September. The sofa itself is super comfy. It is soft, but still has the right amount of support. I am so glad I took a chance on Maiden Home!

Kinda stiff and rough

Based on reviews I thought it would be way more comfortable and one you can sink into but it’s quite stiff and sounds like it’s stuffed with newspaper or something. Hoping it begins to soften up with time. It’s in a room we don’t sit in often so will take a while. It looks really good though. Love the look.

Thank you for sharing your feedback on your Dune sofa - we're glad to hear you're enjoying the look of your Dune. We also appreciate you sharing your feedback on your Dune's cushions. Cushions will feel their most firm upon delivery, and they will relax and soften as your Dune settles into its new home. Our Dune seat cushions feature a high-resiliency core wrapped in down, feathers, and fiber for a sink-in feel as your piece is enjoyed over time. The Dune back cushions are filled with down, feather, and fiber and individually channeled to resist settling over time. If our Customer Care team may answer any questions regarding your Dune, or provide any additional information, we can always be reached at - we are always happy to hear from you.

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