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Customer Reviews

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We are so happy with our new Dune sofa! The ordering process was smooth. Dana provided great advice on fabrics and styles of the different sofa options. She helped to narrow down what we were really looking for - something casual and cozy that would be durable with two kids. Once we placed our order we were kept up to date on progress and delivery couldn’t have been easier. The color and style of the sofa works perfectly in our room and it is SO comfortable. I love how deep it is and the fabric feels really luxurious. It’s a perfect place for curling up to read or watch tv. We’ve spent hours on it since it arrrived!

Luv Maiden Home

This is such a wonderful innovative company. I ordered the Carmine sofa and when it arrived, I realized it was a bit too formal for my lifestyle. With no hesitation, Dana with Customer Service, processed a return of the Carmine in exchange for the Dune. I love my Dune. The entire process was easy and exactly as detailed from ordering to shipping to exchange to total enjoyment.

Beauty + Comfort

The comfort of the Dune is like sitting on a cloud with the construction of the bench seat cushion and down feather and fiber fill. I also love that if I had to wash it, I totally can because it's also a slipcover. How can you beat that?!?

The Mercer chairs are exactly what I would design if someone asked me to design a chair! Clean lines, crisp linen and black metal detailing. Modern with a nod to mid-century design. They are exactly what I have been looking for in chair for this space for so long. They are modern but you don't have to sacrifice comfort in the least with these beauties.

The Dune is the more comfortable than my bed!

I purchased the Dune sofa because I loved this more tailored version of a slipcover sofa and that it was made from a performance, washable fabric (extra perk that it's made in the USA and has a quick lead time). All of those features are amazing and so practical, however what I didn't expect was how comfortable it would be! I've had several guests say it's the most cosy sofa they have ever sat on. Truly, couldn't be more happy with this purchase! It could truly be a day bed for the comfort level.