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The Dune - Slipcover Performance Linen Oyster Sofa

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Cozy comfort for our sunroom

Love love! Have only had a few weeks, will update once I see how it holds up.

Alain F
Should have bought a quality sofa like this a long time ago!

Over the years of living in NYC I’ve moved apartments every couple years and have run the gamut of cheap sofas … west elm, ikea, interior define, article, cb2 … each were eventually given away to the tenant moving in or sold on Craigslist - and I always felt good riddance. Finally grew up and wanted to buy some proper furniture and a designer suggested the dune at MH - this all a long way of saying you get what you pay for this - this sofa is real quality and I wish I did this years ago. Super comfy and well made.

Beautiful, Perfect, All The Positive Adjectives!

My biggest trepidation going into purchasing this sofa was of course not being able to see/try it in person prior to ordering. I've stalked this sofa for roughly 2 years carefully combing through the internet looking for any reviews or folks willing to chat regarding its quality, comfort and real life color (for certain colorways). Eventually I mustered the courage to click that purchase button. Remorseful thoughts swirled in and out of my mind but I stayed true to my decision and just hoped for the best outcome.

Lead Time:
This sofa was ordered on 4/5/22 and arrived in my home on 5/24/22. Maiden Home had sent an email on 5/17 notifying me that the sofa passed inspections + shipped and was to be in the hands of the delivery company around mid June. Talk about a pleasant surprise to already be scheduling for delivery on 5/23! That's a total of 7 weeks from purchase to delivery! Now keep in mind, with the current supply shortages this lead time may not be the case for others purchasing later on. But this is what happened for me during the time frame I ordered. Quite lucky.

This is one comfortable sofa. Currently, it's like a slightly firm cloud. Strange way to describe a cloud, no? But that's how I would describe the current condition of the cushion. You don't sink deep into it and disappear into the dark depths of the sofa. You perch on the cushion but your derriere feels perfectly cradled by the plush down filling below. No sore butts here!
**Though this is the initial comfort of the cushion, I do expect it to break in a little more (soften up) as we continue to use it daily.

The fabric I chose was the Performance Textured Linen in the color Flax. I am guilty of ordering multiple swatches of the same fabrics to get a better understanding of how the colors looks on a bigger field. But I highly recommend it. The colors look different from viewing just one small fabric square to multiple squares placed side by side! I generally am suspicious of most images posted on blogs reviewing this sofa. Chances are, a lot of them are edited to be over exposed so the home looks bright light and airy. Thus losing the real depiction of the colors. This is where ordering multiple swatches helped me personally.

Flax, is a lovely off white color. It reminds me of plain hummus. Not the red pepper/cilantro/eggplant flavor variations. I'm talking about that creamy warm toned original hummus. I would say it is a great choice for those who want a lighter ("white") sofa but still want some forgiveness in terms of the eventual dirtiness that accumulates from daily use.

The linen fabric is a little stiff, but I expect it to break in more over time. The important thing is that it isn't scratchy on your face when you just want that midday siesta or if you have a guest crashing overnight on your sofa.

I can't say much (yet) in this area as my Dune sofa is just days old in my home. But I expect to report back on this later on. For now the quality seems great. Stitching is secure. Solid build. No unusual scents. Cushions don't look frumpy from lounging.

This sofa is better than I could have imagined. I absolutely love it. All my worries and hesitations immediately disappeared when it arrived in my home. No regrets! I hope this review will help anyone else out there who is in the same boat as I was when it comes to large online furniture purchases. It's terrifying to buy without trying, I get it! But let me tell you that this is a real review from a real customer who did a lot of research on this sofa and brand and came out with a great experience.

Donna Joy Estes
Love! Beautiful! Somewhat stinky.

I give the Dune 5 out if 5 stars! It is so so beautiful! Super comfy. The fabric is very nice. My family loves it and everyone who has seen it raves about it and it’s comfort.

My only complaint is it is stinky. I am super sensitive to smells and very cautious about toxins. It is the whole reason I bought from Maiden. I was surprised that it has a smell. It still has the smell after 3 weeks. I am not taking a star off yet because I am assuming it will dissipate and when it does this baby is 5 out of 5 stars.

A Dream!

I've had my Dune for about 3 weeks now and am completely in love. In a small Manhattan apartment, my 80" sofa offers such generous seating for guests without taking up a ton of space. I chose the scatter back and I'm really happy with it! I like that I can move the cushions to support my head or back depending on where or how I sit, which feels really unique to this design compared to other options I looked at. I also love that the seat cushion doesn't flatten after sitting in it with friends and roommates - it literally looks great all the time which I would never expect with such a comfortable and "cloud" like seat cushion. I get compliments on it every time someone new comes over, even before they sit down. Would absolutely recommend this piece!

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