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The Dune - Slipcover Performance Linen Oyster Sofa

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So nice we bought it twice

Originally purchased a 75 inch one for our bedroom seating area but enjoyed it so much that we ordered another one for our casual family room. Comfortable but looks put together and elegant. Second piece was in stock and arrived within a couple weeks. Cleaning the slip cover has been easy and it’s held up great too - this a genuine quality product. Wonderful experience both times!

Maddy, Little Rock
2 years in…

Have had our dune for 2yrs now… somehow I have a white sofa that still looks new and has seemingly gotten even more comfortable now that it’s properly broken in. We’ve washed the slip covers probably a half dozen times over the past 2 years without issue. I do wish I would have gotten the classic back instead of the scatter back as washing very pillow cover is a pain.

Overall very good ‘bang for the buck’ imho.

Top notch

Beautiful sofa, love the edges. Got the classic back. Arrived fast and delivery team was very friendly and efficient, easily navigating our tricky spiral staircase. Plan to buy some throw pillows if they can sell some of the ones they use for the scatter back. Overall a top notch sofa and experience!

Sofa goals

As a designer I can say my clients are a tough crowd - for years clients have always asked for a high quality sofa, that’s very practical but also stylish. Very comfortable but not sloppy.

The dune really hits the mark / there are very few places you can buy a U.S. made slipcover nowadays. The dune really cracks the code of having truly high end construction and fabrics while also being very practical for our clients in that the slip cover is easily washable. Our business is focused on the eastern end of Long Island and we have spec’d the dune in homes that are rented on occasion as well as those that are exclusively personal use. Sincerely can highly recommend the sofa.

Arrived with stains

After weeks of waiting and a frustrating ordering experience my sofa finally arrived with stains. I immediately took photos documenting this and sent it to maiden home. It has now been almost a month later and they are still sending me vague emails asking for more photos, and now just sent me instructions on how to clean it. Maybe because I ordered one that was in stock it was used or had been returned? I'm so annoyed that I spent so much money on something that arrived stained and all they've done it tell me to try to get them out myself. I do not recommend this company, they are not helpful at all. The sofa itself is okay but it's not anything special.