The Dune - Slipcover Performance Linen Oyster Sofa

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Jessica Maffett

I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect sectional and I am so happy I chose the dune. It’s beautiful, while still being casual enough for my modest home. I have two kids, a dog and a cat and I really think that this sofa can stand up to the torture we will put it through. It spot cleans really well and I’ve just had to wash one cushion cover and it was easy. Lead time was long, but worth the wait, delivery was seamless. Highly recommend!

Audrey Salgado
Love everything except one (pretty big) thing

We ordered three pieces for our new build; a Dune L-shaped sectional in Alabaster with classic back, a Warren sofa in Oatmeal, and a Dune chaise sectional in Harbor with scatter back. I wasn’t expecting to like the Warren as much as I do - it’s beautiful, extremely comfortable and I love the color. It did come with a spot on it, but customer service was very receptive, explained how I could first try to get it out on my own (which i was easily able to do, and continued to follow up with me so make sure I was able to remove the spot). As for our two Dune’s - they are also beautiful and I love the fabric/colors, especially the Alabaster. The fabric also seems to clean up well. We haven’t been in our house for long, so I haven’t had to wash it, but the dirt spots my kids have gotten on it have come out very easily. I am, however, very disappointed in the Dune chaise with the scatter back pillows - to put it bluntly, I cannot stand the back pillows. I find them to be very stiff/over stuffed and also very uncomfortable when sitting on the couch. The only reason I purchased it with the scatter back was because I had read other reviews saying the scatter back was more comfortable than the classic back, and this couch was for our tv room so I wanted it to be as comfortable as possible. I prefer the look of the classic back 100x more, and now after seeing how uncomfortable I find the scatter back to be, I’m extremely disappointed that I went this route instead of the classic back. We’ve hardly even used our tv room because we find the couch to be uncomfortable and instead use our dune with the classic back pillows on our main living floor to watch tv. Very disappointed in this.

Hi Audrey, thank you for sharing your feedback on your pieces! While we're thrilled to hear you're enjoying your pieces overall, we've passed along your feedback regarding your Dune's scatterback cushions to our Design team, as we're always working to improve. Further, our Customer Care Manager has been in touch via email to offer Classic Back cushions for purchase, if you'd like, as our team would love for you to be happy with your piece for years to come!


I cant believe i'm taking the time to write a review but i'm on train back from boston, have had a few glasses of cheap Amtrak wine and the wifi is kinda crummy ... besides this co deserves it. Ordered a dune sofa and its PERFECT. We debated very long and hard between the RH cloud and the MH Dune and we just went for it in a white linen in all its glory and potential for red wine disaster (peformance fabric, YES please) - couldnt be happier with our choice. This sofa is incredibly comfortable (not a deflated feather bag like the Cloud) and is pure luxe. I've always been big on keeping sex in the bedroom with a view that anywhere else is uncessarily uncomfortable but at my husbands persistence and the Dune's comfort - I may grant an exception.

Would also highly recommend the design services team at Maiden Home - incredibly knowledgeable/helpful. We will shop with you again - maybe for that bed! LOL!

Falls a bit short of expectations

Love the photos of this piece- the chaise Dune was exactly what I wanted for an informal tv area off our kitchen. Disappointed in the pillows- why do mine look like cheap replacements? Very comfortable once the pillows are removed but that’s a silly way to have to use a couch…

The arrival and delivery was so badly jumbled and couldn’t get anyone to care about what a terrible headache it was. Yes, supply chain issues. Those shouldn’t impact the leave of service received…

1 year to the date

We have had the couch for a year and we are all very happy with it. For a completely internet purchase this is up there with some the expensive brands with big fancy stores.

Thank you so much

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