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The Dune With Swivel - Slipcover Performance Linen Oyster Chair

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Patricia Leusner

Beautiful solid construction on the Dune chair. It is nice to have a new chair that's not too modern and still fits in my historic home. I would recommend though that the wood at the front be taken up since the slip gives the appearance of empty space, and if you aren't paying attention your toes can be in jeopardy as I have learned the hard way. Overall still would recommend.

Quality Galore!

I bought two dune chairs. I got the smaller ones, 32" depth, and they are perfect for my living room. They're big enough to look substantial, but they
aren't at all heavy-looking. Very comfortable as well. I researched chairs for a long time before finding Maiden Home. This is very special furniture that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Katherine Brumbaugh
Dune swivel chair and ottoman.

Ordered the chair in Oyster. Material is very nice and chair is made well. It’s not as roomy as I would’ve thought-given the extremely high price of the chair. I have to take the back pillow off the chair or I slide to the front edge of the chair and it’s not comfortable that way. I’m a small person, too. All said and done, I would not have purchased the chair had I known this.

Laurel Mocklar
Wonderful, comfortable chairs!

After months of research and shopping, I ordered two of the Dune chairs for our family room. I was extremely nervous to order a chair I had never sat in. We were also seriously considering the much more expensive RH Oliver Track Arm chair. In the end, I took the plunge with Maiden Home. These chairs are marvelous and very comfortable, and I love that they were quality-made in the US.

I was concerned about a few things before I ordered, and perhaps my experience can help you:

1. I've never had slipcovered furniture before, and I was worried that the slipcovers would look sloppy and rumpled. They do not. They are well-fitted, smooth, and stay in place. They are tailored nicely.

2. I was worried that the narrow arms and the seam on the arm would be uncomfortable. They are not. The inside edge of the arm is well padded (a little less so on the outside edge, but not noticeable), and the seam is pliable and soft. We use the arms all the time, including sinking in and slinging our legs over them while watching TV.

3. I was concerned that the Dune cloud-like pillows would need constant fluffing and tending. They don't. I fluff or flip mine maybe twice a month. I'm not into products that make me work for them.

4. I was apprehensive about cream upholstery (Oyster). This has not been a problem at all. After six months of daily use with teens and cats in the house, they don't look grungy. We have not needed to wash them yet, but it was essential to have that option.

5. I dreaded our cats scratching the chairs. They are slightly but not overly interested in the texture (Oyster linen). We also moved their sisal scratching post into the corner when we got the chairs - and reward them for using it - which helped divert their attention.

My only quibbles, if I had any:

1. The exterior back could be sloped slightly inward toward the floor to keep them from looking quite as boxy from the side. But the sloped arm saves them from this fate. The overall look is polished but inviting.

2. The seat cushion slightly overhangs the front face of the chair, which can start to look a little droopy. But when I flip the cushion and nudge it toward the back, it's fine.

We have had the chairs for over six months, and I am 1000% delighted with the comfort and quality. I was also extremely impressed with Maiden Home's customer service, order updates, and delivery. I would definitely order from MH again.

Love My Maiden Home Items

We are very, very happy with our Sullivan sectional, Dune sectional, Dune swivels, Dune and Sullivan ottomans, and our Morro side tables. Everything looks and feels fabulous! And with three labradors, two cats, and three kids I was very conscientious of what we were purchasing. So far everything is great for a full home of living in style, function, and comfort!

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