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The Essex - Performance Basketweave Moss Bed - 56" Headboard - Muslin

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Crosby Tuscan Leather Couches and King Essex Bed

I don't typically write reviews, but the furniture shopping process was so exhausting...this was warranted. Full disclosure, we've only owned our MH furniture for roughly 3 weeks, so I cant yet opine as to long term durability....

We purchased two 7ft bench seat Crosby, Tuscan Brown Leather couches, and a king Essex bed in Oyster performance fabric, during the heat of COVID, following an exhaustive search which included all the major brick and mortar stores and direct to customer online providers. Ultimately we didn't feel like Crate and Barrel/West Elm's quality justified their price, the online shops products wouldn't last, and RH's prices were too hard to justify, though the quality was there. We wanted couches that could withstand kids, dogs, etc. Couches we can use for the next 30 years. The swatches provided were excellent representations of what was delivered, and in our opinion, the final product is at par with RH's quality, and a significant step above CB/WE. The leather is thick and feels durable, yet remains buttery soft to the skin. The house smells like a new expensive one. Scratches show, but we like the look, and they can be removed easily.

Prior to delivery, we were notified that there were issues with our two couches that had been identified by the shipping contractor. After consulting MH, the couches were shipped with the imperfections, which turned out to be what looked like two small burn holes in the same location of both couches. I'm not sure I would have noticed, but after mailing pictures of the imperfections, MH is sending out a specialist to replace the panels on both couches. Needless to say, we've been pleased with the customer service.

The Essex bed is well made, all hardwood...very heavy. Our only complaint is the screw for the center support leg doesn't screw in flush with the support beam, so it impedes the cross bar support from sitting flush. We had to shim a few of the cross bars with cardboard to keep them from knocking. Easy fix, but an issue that might be easily remedied during the build process.

Build/Delivery times were approximately 3 months. CB and RH times were twice that last time we checked. We were kept up to date through the process.

All in all, very pleased with the Maiden Home experience. Such large expenditures made sight unseen are nerve wracking, and we felt like MH did a commendable job of putting many of our concerns to rest. We'll continue to recommend their products, and can see ourselves ordering additional pieces in the future.

Beautiful & quality bed

I purchased Essex bed in king size. It's the most beautiful bed I've ever owned and very very nice quality! Only issue with the order was delivery process! Delivery person called me a day before and told me they are delivering my bed the next day. I was told if I am not around to receive the order, it may take another few months before I can receive my bed. I felt it was a little inconvenient since I had to make myself available to receive the order for next day urgently, but bed quality is superb so I am very happy overall!

Carmen Justice
Worst Delivery Service! Scam!

I cannot believe I spent thousands of dollars on a bed I never even received and waited months for, for nothing! Maiden Home promises white glove delivery service, but that is quite frankly a lie! I was not given any options to choose the day or time that worked best for me. I randomly received a voicemail by a man named Ben who informed me that my order was going to be delivered the next day between 1pm-5pm. That did not work for me because I would be at work at that time.

When I returned the call, no one answered. I tried calling multiple times throughout the day because no one told me the name of this company nor what their office hours were. On the day of, I was so frantic because I knew I would not be present during the delivery time and I couldn't get a hold of ANYONE, and no one returned my calls.

Then I received an email from this unknown delivery service company stating that I could not change or modify the time or day because of COVID-19, and that if I did request to change it would take another month, maybe longer, for my order to be delivered and it would still be a random time and day that I would not know about until the day before. Using COVID-19 as an excuse is a bag of excremental waste because any other place I have ordered furniture from gives me the option of days and times to choose from so that I pick what works best for me. Not the other way around! I am a working woman that lives on my own, therefore I am the only one who can receive my order.

I decided to then contact Maiden Home directly. I was given a number to contact the delivery team directly to cancel my appointment and reschedule. This time someone did answer and asked for their company name - Deliveright. The person I spoked to informed me that she could do nothing on her end because they actually use ANOTHER third party delivery company for the area I live in. This person then gave me the number to contact the other company. When I called this number, it was then that I recognized the automated voice machine, and this was the number that I had received the voicemail from a man named Ben. Not surprisingly, no one answered.

Once again I called Maiden Home and this time I was angry because, as a customer, paying for luxury furniture, I should NOT be responsible for contacting all these different delivery service companies. If there is a problem with my order, Maiden Home should be the one to fix it! All the while I am having to get ready for work, and still dealing with the situation. I was informed by a Maiden Home representative that they would flag the situation and get the team together to fix the problem and get back to me promptly since this was a time sensitive issue. NO ONE GOT BACK TO ME!!!! I had to be the one to call them, again, right before heading to work.

When I got off of work that night, I looked at my phone and saw 4 missed phone calls from the delivery company and a text message that was delivered AFTER 5pm, which was AFTER their own stated ETA, saying that they were 15 minutes away to deliver my order. Then I checked my emails and saw that they sent an email stating that my order had been delivered. How the hell was my order delivered when I was not there to receive it?! I live in a private apartment complex where you have to be buzzed by me to enter, and I live on the 4th floor. White glove delivery service means you have your order delivered to you IN YOUR HOME, with all of the mess cleared away, and placed wherever you want it to be.

Suddenly I was afraid they had dumped my bed on the streets of LA. When I got home, no order, nothing. So literally, they said they delivered my order, when they did not! So where the hell is my bed now?! What did I pay for?!

Maiden Home is unprofessional, unorganized, and does business with people that are liars, don't answer their phones, and don't provide the best customer service. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY! I will contacting my bank to file a claim against this company to get my money back.

Hi Carmen, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. We are so sorry for the trouble with your delivery scheduling and for the last minute reschedule. We take your feedback seriously, and we're so sorry that your delivery experience was not consistent with the service levels we hold our partners to. We are reviewing your experience with our leadership team, and with our delivery partners' leadership team, to ensure we are able to better serve you in the future. We are very happy to hear that you have received your piece, and that you had positive feedback for your drive team, delivery experience, and piece during your order's delivery. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with our Customer Care team at with any questions at all, as we are here for the lifetime of your piece.

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