An Inside Look at Maiden Home's Delivery Process

An Inside Look at Maiden Home's Delivery Process

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An Inside Look at Maiden Home's Delivery Process


Maiden Home was founded on the belief that ordering high-quality custom furniture shouldn’t be a headache. So from the moment you receive your first set of Maiden Home swatches through cuddling up in front of the fire on your brand new furniture - we’re here for you, working diligently to make your experience with us the best you’ve ever had buying furniture.

Traditionally, one of the most painful parts of purchasing custom furniture has been the long lead times. We set out to build a better way, delivering the best quality, high-end design at lead times unheard of in custom furniture.

But in an age with same day delivery and overnight shipping - many still wonder, why does it take that long?  

We’re taking you behind the scenes of our lead time so that you know exactly what to expect when you order with Maiden Home, and how we’re changing the game to deliver high-end custom furniture on an unheard of timeline.  

The Beginning: North Carolina Production

Each piece of Maiden Home furniture starts its journey to you in North Carolina. Our craftsmen partners hand-build each piece of furniture to order - using time-honored techniques specific to the region to build exceptionally beautiful and durable furniture. These artisans have, in many cases, been in the furniture business for generations, selling their work through traditional, brick-and-mortar channels and to interior designers across the country.

When our founder, Nidhi, started Maiden Home, she sought out partners who were eager to break the mold and offer their products via digital channels for the first time. We worked tirelessly with our partners to modernize and streamline their processes - allowing them to build the same quality furniture on a much shorter timeline. Needless to say, we were delighted with the results and began shipping gorgeous furniture to the four corners of the US.

The Middle: Cross Country Transit

Each piece of furniture is meticulously inspected for quality and then packaged by hand to protect it during its journey. It is then loaded onto specialized freight vehicles and begins its journey to the customer’s home. This first part of the shipment is called “first mile” shipping and is unique to large, valuable shipments like custom furniture that require specialized attention, training, and equipment.

What you can expect:

While we’re always here if you have any questions or concerns - you may not hear from Maiden Home quite as much as you did earlier in the process. This is so that we can allow our delivery partners to do their thing and deliver your piece as seamlessly as possible. Despite our quiet during this time, we’re carefully monitoring each order, making sure that your delivery happens on time and without incident. If for some reason we run into an unexpected delay in transit for your piece, we will proactively reach out to you to let you know. This process of transit typically takes about two to three weeks. Unfortunately, because we work with specialist partners, you won’t be able to track your package the way you might be used to doing when you order smaller items online.

The End: White-Glove Delivery

The last step of furniture delivery is handled by the local delivery team who received your piece from our first mile shipping partners. These teams specialize in “final mile” delivery and have all the tools necessary to make your delivery a seamless experience. Once your piece arrives to them, it will go through one final inspection before you are contacted to schedule delivery. 


What you can expect:

A two-member team will arrive within your allotted time-frame and bring the piece into your home, unpack everything and remove all packaging. Because these teams are small and specialized, they can’t always accommodate weekend or evening deliveries, but do their very best to find a time that works for you and your schedule.

In order to make delivery as smooth as possible, we recommend clearing hallways, entryways, and the area you’d like the piece to be placed. If your building requires a Certificate of Insurance, you can request it during your scheduling call. These certificates are quickly and easily turned around.

We’re Here for You:

Transit damage is rare, but is unfortunately a reality when shipping larger, more fragile pieces over long distances so we’re prepared should anything happen to your piece as it makes its way to you. Because your furniture will undergo thorough inspections throughout the process, we typically catch any issues far before they cross your threshold. However, we ask that you carefully inspect your piece when it arrives and note anything problematic with the delivery team. The sooner we are alerted to your issues, the more quickly and efficiently we can address and resolve them.

In some instances we’ll be able to fix the issue through our network of hand-selected local repair techs who can come to your home and resolve the issue quickly and easily. If the problem requires a more artistic hand though we’ll enlist the same team that built your piece in North Carolina to make it right.

Bottom line is that we’ve got your back and are committed to making sure you love everything about your piece, from how it looks to how it feels and performs over time.

Every piece of Maiden Home furniture is built and shipped with the highest level of specialized care on the market - allowing us to deliver some of the best furniture you can find. Because of this careful attention, we’ve been able to dramatically cut down the time that it takes to design beautiful custom furniture for your home while maintaining the very best quality.

Have more questions? Our Design Advisors are on call via email at, or you can schedule an appointment.

Want to get started building the perfect piece for your home? Swatches are a great way to start - order your free swatch kit here.  

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