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Home Tour | Delia Kenza's Modernized Brooklyn Brownstone

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Home Tour | Delia Kenza's Modernized Brooklyn Brownstone


Delia Brennen's Modernized Brooklyn Brownstone

When Brooklyn-based interior designer Delia Kenza moved to her 1880s Brooklyn brownstone five years ago with her husband, artist Júlio Leitão, and two teenagers, she noticed a change of pace. “It’s slower and a lot greener, and the vibe is much more relaxed.”  Now, five years later, she was motivated to refresh her space as the needs within her home evolved. “The benefit of COVID-19 has brought us moments of stillness to stop, appreciate, and invest in our residences,” says Delia. “Sustaining that principle through design allows us to take the time to truly enjoy the places—and pieces—we love.”

Pictured above: The Bond Chair in Almond Mohair.

Delia’s passion for interiors started with her grandmother and evolved into a modern 21st century take on elegance. She prefers working with neutral palettes—intentionally working in natural materials and thoughtfully chosen colors. Her heirloom brownstone in Clinton Hill reflects her style beautifully. The home boasts original fireplaces, ornate moldings, and refinished herringbone floors, adding character and dimension to her bright, minimalist design aesthetic.

The Jones Modular Sofa in Polar Performance Bouclé with The Bond Chair in Almond Mohair

In a time where we find ourselves at home more than ever, Delia looked to our Fall Collection to give her home a statement refresh.

“Home is one of the most important places for me. It’s where I can feel safe and recharge. Investing in my home is my form of self-care. I hold myself to a certain standard of excellence, so that’s why well-made pieces matter to me.”

She chose pieces from the collection that reflected her approach to design. The Jones Modular, The Bond Chair, The Thompson Canopy Bed, and The Mott Stool had the characteristics she was looking for—statement-making silhouettes in textural materials that were practical enough for her family to live with and enjoy.

The Jones Modular

The Jones Modular in Polar Performance Bouclé

Pictured above: The Jones Modular in Polar Performance Bouclé.

To add texture and versatility to her space, Delia chose The Jones Modular Sofa in Polar Performance Bouclé. “This piece allows us to embrace that Brooklyn laid-back feel indoors,” she shares.

“It’s become the place everyone gravitates to for lounging with a book or napping. This sofa is as comfortable as it looks, and the seat is just the right depth. Plus the down-filled arms have enough cushion to rest your head, while still maintaining their shape. No more constant fluffing!”

The Jones Modular in Polar Performance Bouclé

Pictured above: The Jones Modular in Polar Performance Bouclé.

The modularity of The Jones allows you to Build Your Own configuration that exactly fits the needs within your space. Delia chose a Right-Facing Arm Chair with an Armless Chair and completed the set with a Luxury Ottoman, making her configuration flexible as needed for daily life.

To bring luxe texture in a big way while keeping her neutral black and white palette, she selected her Jones Modular pieces to be upholstered in our Polar Performance Bouclé. Gone are the days of choosing between style and lifestyle—now you can enjoy the beautifully crisp hue and lush texture of our Bouclé that’s Performance-backed to resist stains and spills, making it easy to function within the flow of family life.

The Bond Chair

The Bond in Almond Mohair

Pictured above: The Bond Chair in Almond Mohair.

Delia finished her living room refresh with the bold, contemporary Bond Chair in Almond Mohair. With its oversized proportions and of-the-moment curves, The Bond became a place to showcase luxury and comfort in one fell swoop. 

“Mohair is a classic luxury, and when I have an opportunity to use it, I do. It feels good to the touch, and it is thick, elegant, and durable. I love how mohair’s smooth texture is a contrast to the sofa’s nubby bouclé. Also, because I chose such a neutral color palette, texture play was important to add interest—I wanted the furniture to provide a visual as well as a tactile experience."

The Thompson Canopy and The Mott Stool

The Thompson Canopy Bed and The Mott Stool

Pictured above: The Thompson Canopy Bed in Camel Tuscan Leather with a Natural Ash finish and The Mott Stool in Almond Mohair.

For her richly hued bedroom, Delia chose The Thompson Canopy Bed in Camel Tuscan Leather with a Natural Ash finish. She added The Mott Stool in Almond Mohair to the front of the bed so she can move it throughout the room in a stylishly functional manner.

“I love the drama of a canopy bed, and when you have high ceilings, it forces the eye up. With handcrafted upholstery and a hand-carved wood base, the bed offers contrast against black bedroom walls and brings in an organic feel. The leather, like the wood, is smooth to the touch and will patina well.”

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Delia Kenza's home tour was made in partnership with Domino featuring photography by Sean Litchfield, art direction by Brit Ashcraft, and produced by Megan West. View Delia Kenza's Brooklyn Designer Home Tour feature on domino.com


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