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Home Tour | Step Inside This Modern Amagansett Retreat

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Home Tour | Step Inside This Modern Amagansett Retreat


Maiden Home Alicia Murphy Irving Sofa

Just 2 hours east of Manhattan, Amagansett is a special part of the Hamptons known for playing host to a more low-key and artistic crowd - less interested in seeing-and-being-seen, and more interested in enjoying the beach in summer and laying low with family as the weather starts to become crisp. With the help of interior designer Alicia Murphy, home-owner Rhian Horgan custom built the perfect family retreat, filled with luxe texture, playful pattern, and of course, beautiful Maiden Home furniture. Discover more about Murphy's design, process, and even how her work in the Hamptons has evolved over the years.  

Maiden Home Alicia Murphy Irving Sofa

Tell us a little about your client's home and how you approached this project with her. 

We were very lucky with this client. Rhian is enthusiastic, inspired, and open to new ideas. From our first site visit it was clear that the sole purpose of this house is to gather and make memories with her family. Many of the decisions we made were centered around how usable and inviting they would make the various areas of the home feel. With Rhian’s carefully researched inspirations and our creative guidance and execution, I think the overall result is the perfect Hamptons home – inviting and tranquil, with resilient finishes that evoke a feeling of escape from day-to-day life in the city.

What are some of your favorite things about this project?

Some of our favorite elements in this project are the elements that feel playful and adventurous. A lot of people focus so much so on the longevity of a design they forget that it can be fun to stray from neutrals and still create a look that is elevated and will stand the test of time. We snuck a lot of interesting textures and colors into this project with wall-coverings and textiles. We have some fabrics with bold pattern and others with more grounding yet visually interesting tone-on-tone texture. This dynamic is carried throughout the home and it really makes each space feel like it has its own personality.

Maiden Home Alicia Murphy Hayes Chair

How did you choose Maiden home for Rhian's living spaces?

Rhian had worked with Maiden Home previously on her NYC residence, and she pointed us in your direction. When we began the customization process it became clear that the team at Maiden Home was well versed in the custom furniture industry as it exists, and they created a company that bypasses a lot of the issues that other furniture vendors cannot. As designers, it can be difficult to find a piece of furniture that “checks all of the boxes” so to speak. Maiden Home makes it simple to create a beautiful piece that perfectly suits your needs without a long lead time or a crazy price tag.

The sectional that we chose, The Irving, was the perfect fit for this space - both literally and from a design perspective! We selected Putty Performance Linen for this sofa. We went with a neutral and durable fabric to stand the test of time against kids, guests, wet bathing suits and whatever else may come. 

Maiden Home Alicia Murphy Irving Sofa

How did you accent the Maiden Home furniture in the space?

One of the key features in this home is a Moroccan-inspired backsplash in the kitchen that extends from the counter to the ceiling. We carried this graphic black, white, and grey motif throughout the great room to unify the space. We used a combination of black and white textiles, some on pillows, another by Zak and Fox on custom ottomans, to add interest with pattern. We also used chunky woven pillows to ground the punchiness of the black and white textiles.

We also added a lot of organic elements to balance some of the more modern design features. In the living space, we designed a sleek, high gloss mantle that is paired with a rough Belgian bluestone hearth and surround. The clean lines of the modern Irving Sectional were paired with a teak root coffee table to soften the more polished elements of the home. 

Maiden Home Alicia Murphy Irving sofa

You've made a career of designing homes in the Hamptons, what do you think is different about designing in this locale?

Design in the Hamptons has changed a lot recently- homes out East used to be completely shuttered from September to May. People are now using these homes as much as possible; so what used to be designing peoples summer homes, has shifted to designing peoples’ place of peace and quiet, for year round use. Its an interesting dynamic – but above all else we strive for casual elegance. The Irving sectional was an essential element for creating an inviting, comfortable space that would feel light and airy in the summer, yet cozy in the winter.

Rhian chose The Irving L Sectional in Putty Performance Linen and The Hayes chair in natural white hair-on-hide and beech frame 

Photos by Allyson Lubow for Maiden Home, Design by Alicia Murphy Design

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