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Home Tour | Plank + Pillow's Modern Farmhouse


The Crosby Sofa in Plank and Pillow's Modern Farmhouse

When Plank + Pillow's Brooke Jones and her husband, Henry, designed their new family home from the ground up, no detail was overlooked-from the finishes to the furniture-and it shows. The beautiful architectural details like wooden beams and custom built-ins add both visual appeal and a ‘modern cozy’ design aesthetic to the home.

Pictured above: The Crosby Sofa in Dusk Merino and Driftwood finish and The Mercer Chair in Camel Tuscan Leather. Artwork by Gina Perillo. 

In the planning process, one room that they knew would be very important was the living room. They envisioned a place where their family (they have two small children and a dog) and friends would gather, would be modern in design, and would include quality, American-made pieces that would stand the test of time in both style and durability. They turned to Maiden Home to find those pieces and, in keeping with the overall design of the house, chose modern yet ultra-comfortable silhouettes from our collection. 

We chatted with Brooke recently and asked her about her own design process, especially when planning out an empty room.

You were decorating from the ground up; where and how did you begin?

Our focus and vision for this room was a modern, yet cozy space that the whole family could enjoy. During the building process, some of the elements we knew we wanted to include were a concrete fireplace, wood beams, interior black windows, and built-ins. From there, we switched our focus to what furniture we would add to the room once we moved in.

How did you choose Maiden Home for your new living room?

Along the way, I asked our followers what was important to them when looking for living room furniture. I received so many great answers, but quality, comfort, and style were consistently at the top of this list. We came across Maiden Home, a company whose products exhibit all of these qualities, when we were looking for furniture for our new living room. We immediately fell in love with the relaxed, modern style of their furniture! And the fact that all of it is handcrafted not far from where we live sealed the deal.

The Mercer Chair in Camel Lincoln Leather

Pictured above: The Mercer Chair in Camel Tuscan Leather.

How did you end up selecting The Crosby Sofas and The Mercer Chairs for your space?

The clean lines of The Crosby Sofa caught our eye, but yet it still looked like it would be very comfortable. We chose The Mercer Chairs to add a little more "modern" to our living room, and the black metal frames of the chairs tied in nicely with the windows and some of the other pieces we already had.

The Crosby Sofa and The Mercer Chair in Plank and Pillow's Modern Farmhouse

Pictured above: The Crosby Sofa in Dusk Merino and Driftwood finish and The Mercer Chair in Camel Tuscan Leather.

What was your experience ordering pieces from Maiden Home like?

Henry has a background in digital design and user experience, and he was blown away by the Maiden Home website. It made the shopping experience such a pleasure, and we both loved having the ability to order complimentary fabric swatches to be able to see and feel the fabrics we were considering in person.

Now that you're a few months into enjoying your space, how are the pieces holding up to your expectations and lifestyle?

We've been in our house for about four months, and we couldn't be happier with our sofas and chairs. They look amazing in the space! A day doesn't go by that we are not sitting or lounging on our sofas, and they are not showing any signs of wear. I have to say that the Dusk Merino fabric that we chose for the sofas has exceeded our expectations in comfort and durability.

The Crosby 90” Sofa in Dusk Merino and Driftwood finish

Pictured above: The Crosby 90” Sofa in Dusk Merino and Driftwood finish.


Discover our Maiden Home Sofa Collection and Chair Collection and order your set of complimentary swatches from our luxurious fabric assortment to start your own living room layout.

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