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The Five Golden Rules of Bedroom Design

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The Five Golden Rules of Bedroom Design


Maiden Home Bedroom Golden Rules

When we set out to design a beautiful, industry-defying bedroom collection, we knew that this was a uniquely personal space that may not get the type of attention the rest of your home does. After all, how many people end up seeing your bedroom? But we believe that this space lays the foundation for your day - and investing the time to truly make it a retreat is worth every minute.

This is why we wrote a step-by-step guide to designing your sanctuary, and send it to each of our customers who purchase a Maiden Home bed. Our program is designed to be completed over 10 days, each day tackling a different part of your space, from lighting, to layouts, and more. We even included worksheets on certain days to help our customers put pen to paper on their plans for a gorgeous, relaxing space designed just for them. 

In this post, we’re taking you into one day of the program, and highlighting the five Golden Rules of bedroom design. Mastering these simple tips will give you the ability to create a restful, beautiful space, optimized for relaxation at the end of the day.

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Maiden Home bedroom design

1. Easy Access

The first step of any bedroom layout is, obviously, the bed placement. Make sure that the bed is accessible on both sides. Even in tighter spaces, this will give the appearance of a larger space and will lend a sense of balance to your room.

2. Head Space 

If you’re able to customize the height of your headboard (as you can do on all Maiden Home beds), you’ll need to find the best one for your space. If you have something on the wall against which you’ll place your bed, like a window, make sure to give your headboard 5-9 inches of space between it and the bottom of the sill. Generally speaking, if your room has lower ceilings, a lower headboard height will make the room appear larger and more open, while a tall headboard may overpower the wall.

3. Side by Side

Nightstands should just reach the height of the top of your mattress, so if you’re calculating the perfect height, just take the height of the platform your bed is on and add the height of your mattress. Make sure to note if the mattress sits into your bed frame at all. If it does, shave this amount off of your total height measurement.

Pro tip: If you’re planning to mix and match your nightstands for a more eclectic look (which we love!) make sure that the height is consistent across the two and that they have a similar visual weight. This will avoid your room feeling lopsided or off-balance. For example, if you have one side table that is a solid cube, avoid pairing it with an accent table with thin legs.

4. Artful Placement

If you’re planning to hang art above your bed, give at least 5 inches of space between the bottom of the art and the headboard. Don’t feel the need to center the art vertically, as there should be ample space between the top of the art and the ceiling to avoid making the space feel more closed and cramped.

5. Cozy Feet

When selecting a rug for your space, look for one that will extend at least one foot one either side and at the foot of the bed. The top edge of the rug should be placed approximately 8 inches from the wall against which your headboard is placed.

Pro tip: If you want to up the cozy-factor, layering rugs in different textures or colors will lend a sense of depth and warmth to your space. We love a simple jute rug paired with a cowhide. Want to learn more about selecting the perfect rug for your space? Explore this post that walks you through the ins and outs.

Ready to design your own magazine-worthy bedroom? The first step to designing the bed for your (sweet) dreams is a free swatch kit - you can order yours here. Discover our bedroom collection more and learn how we’re elevating the design and engineering of the category by following this link

Maiden Home bedroom design

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