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An Insider's Guide to Maiden Home Leather


Maiden Home Irving sofa leather guide

As the weather turns cooler, we've got leather upholstery on our mind – its rich texture, beautiful hand and exceptional durability can't be matched. But choosing leather the right leather for your home, perhaps for the first time, can be daunting – so we’re taking you behind the scenes of our leather assortment, how to select the best material for your home, and the ins-and-outs of owning leather furniture.

First, a primer in high-end leather

Our leather partner, Moore & Giles, has been in the leather industry since the Great Depression. It has since become a leader in sustainable leather production with a global network of ranchers and tanneries. These leather producers - largely small and family-run - offer some of the best leathers in the industry. Their time-honored techniques lend themselves to hides that not only look and feel amazing, but also stand the test of time - after all, they’ve been producing hides the same way for centuries.  

Moore and Giles

We’ve taken great care to hand-select a curated assortment of just the right tried and true shades to compliment your home. Our two collections of leather, Lincoln and Tribeca, are sourced from the same fifth-generation tannery in Bassano, Italy. And while both offer best-in-class quality and craftsmanship by design, each has a distinct style and durability profile. Read on to learn more about what sets them apart.

Selecting the best leather for your home

When thinking about what kind of leather you’d like to upholster your furniture with, there are two main considerations: Aesthetic and function.

Are you looking for a more classic look? Our Lincoln is a great choice. Lincoln is crafted from premium quality hides, which are saturated with rich color to achieve our range of neutral shades. With minimal processing, the natural qualities of the material like scratches, stretch marks, or bites may be present – all of these contribute to the natural beauty of the material, and make each piece upholstered in Lincoln truly unique. The final touch to achieve Lincoln's exceptionally soft hand? Each hide is individually hand-polished, giving Lincoln a comfort profile that can't be beat, and an aesthetic that is both modern and timeless. 

Tip: Since leather is stretched during the upholstery process (especially for tight-backed styles like The Carmine or Ludlow collections), there will be variation in the tone of Lincoln on more taut areas of your sofa like the back or arms. In order to get a sense for the range, press your finger onto the back of your leather swatch and pull down, revealing the shades that may appear on your sofa.

Those seeking a more contemporary look with touch of texture will find the perfect fit in our Tribeca. Tribeca has an ultra-soft, supple hand and because it’s lightly treated, the natural markings that one can expect from Lincoln won’t be visible. If you’re concerned about pets or kids scratching your piece, Tribeca offers a highly durable, matte texture that will disguise everyday wear and tear beautifully.

Caring for your leather furniture

Leather furniture is naturally stain-resistant and among the most durable options one can choose for their home, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like the living room. Leather has been known to last nearly three times as long as fabric upholstery, making it well worth the investment for handmade furniture. While you should avoid placing your leather furniture in direct sunlight, dusting with a dry cloth periodically is typically all that’s needed to care for leather furniture.

Leathers treated with a wax finish, like our Lincoln, will show surface scratches fairly easily. While scratches are easily buffed out by applying light heat and rubbing wax back into place, our recommendation is always to embrace the natural wear process as part of the unique beauty of top-quality leathers.

Our leather pieces develop a beautiful patina that only get better with age - fulfilling our mission to deliver furniture that will stand the test of time.

Want to feel the quality of some of our most popular leathers in the comfort of your own home? Click here to order swatches of our full leather assortment - delivered free to your doorstep.

Maiden Home leather guide

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