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Mastering Scale Through Measurements: Four Essential Tips for Getting

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Mastering Scale Through Measurements: Four Essential Tips for Getting the Perfect Fit


Learn how to master scale and proportion with Maiden Home's guide to measuring your space for the perfect fit.

If interior designers have one tip that they give to all their clients, it’s that scale is the magic element that makes a room look and feel exceptional. So in a world of unique homes, and spaces of all shapes and sizes, how do you make sure that the scale of your space is just right? The answer is simple: Measure, measure, measure.  

We spoke to our favorite interior designers and sourced their four essential steps to measure your way to a beautiful home you’ll love for years to come.   

Measuring for the Perfect Layout

Before jumping to measuring your space, the first step is to identify the best layout for your space. Be open to new configurations that you might not have immediately thought of when you moved in or that are different from your current set-up. If you’d like some layout inspiration, explore this post to see our favorite, tried-and-true living room layouts.

When working through your layout, remember these key measurements:

  • Allow at least 30” of walking space between furniture and walls to avoid a cramped furniture arrangement.

  • Seating should be spaced between four and ten feet away from each other to make conversation easy and comfortable.

  • Coffee tables should be a minimum of 18” from any seat, allowing for easy flow of traffic.

  • Rugs should be positioned between 12” and 24” from the wall, depending on the size of the room. For smaller rooms, a smaller distance is acceptable, and for larger rooms, scale up to 24”.

Pro Tip: Map out your room on paper and define the workable space you have available using the above guidelines. Work backwards from there to understand the maximum dimensions per piece of furniture in your space.

Taping Out Your Space

Once you know the scale of furniture you’re looking for and the layout that’s right for your home, it’s time to test and see how the piece will feel once it’s delivered. The easiest way to do this is to use painter’s tape and mark off the full dimensions of your piece. Include other furniture items, rugs, and large plants that you’re planning to have in the space to get a feel for the overall flow.

Not sure of the layout you want? You can cut out the dimensions of the pieces you’re interested in using butcher paper from your local hardware store. This will allow you to move the furniture around your space and experiment with different configurations.

Maiden Home offers custom furniture to fit every space, allowing customers to customize their furniture for the perfect fit.

Customize Your Furniture

Once you are confident in the scale and layout that will look beautiful in your home, you can move to the fun part: designing the perfect piece for your space. From endless sizes and configurations to the perfect materials and wood finishes, we’ve made it easier to get exactly what you want for your home.

Need a little help making the final decision? We’re here for you - get in touch with your personal Design Advisor via call, text, chat, or email for a time that works best for you.

Measuring for delivery

The final step as you measure new furniture for your home is making sure that it will not only look great once it’s in, but that it will fit into your home flawlessly. You can refer to our comprehensive measuring guide which will walk you through the steps for measuring your piece for delivery, but we’ve also laid out our top tips below:

The first step is walking the route that your furniture will take from our white glove delivery agent’s truck to your sofa’s final destination. Take note of all doorways, stairways, elevators, and tight turns and measure the dimensions of each. Second, compare these measurements to the dimensions of your selected furniture.

For sectionals, remember that your piece will be delivered in two pieces of different sizes. Make sure to compare the measurements you take in your home to each component of your sofa. Note that some of Maiden Home’s collections have removable feet which will decrease the overall height of the piece. Use this comparison to gauge whether or not the piece will be able to fit comfortably into your space.

Still not sure? Many local movers will be able to do a site visit to help call out potential pit-falls or issues with the piece you’ve selected for your home. 

Ready to get started designing the perfect furniture for your home? Start with your free kit of swatches to see and feel Maiden Home materials in your home.

Maiden Home offers free swatches to view and feel in the comfort of your own home, order yours here.

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