Our Top Design Resolutions for 2020 – Maiden Home

Our Top Design Resolutions for 2020

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Our Top Design Resolutions for 2020


Maiden Home sofa

The new year is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf; for us, that means a fresh perspective on the design trends and philosophies we embraced over the last decade. We've consulted some of our favorite design industry experts for their take on trends to watch out for in 2020. Whether you're decorating a new home or just contemplating a refresh of your space, these are the principles to bear in mind to keep your design current in the new year. 

1. Get Zen 

Pantone recently announced the 2020 Color of the Year, classic Blue (19-4052). It seems only fitting that after a year of unrest, Pantone chose a color that it describes as “instilling calm, confidence, and connection.” And there’s no better place to find calm and connection than in the comfort of your own home. Blue is essentially a neutral in our book, so anything goes – use it on a central piece, like your sofa, or as an accent. Start with a swatch kit of our favorite blues from our collection, including textural Performance Tweed in Denim – chosen by Kelly Rinzema of Lilypad Cottage in her classic living room design.  

Lilypad Cottage

2. Maximize Space 

With trends showing Baby Boomers downsizing and Millennials and Gen Zers still favoring urban dwellings, there's a growing need for multifunctional furniture and architectural solutions that make the most of smaller living spaces. New York City-based interior designer Louisa Roeder recommends using hidden doors—doors that double as walls—so as not to break up a wall in a smaller room and to provide more wall space for hanging artwork. Jenni Kayne’s Meaghan Murphy suggests that even a studio apartment will feel larger by creating the feeling of separate rooms. Her tip: use area rugs and strategically positioning larger furniture to create natural divisions in a smaller space. 

3. Earth As Muse

We've become increasingly aware of our changing environment, and as we move into 2020, sustainability will no longer be a trend but rather a design principle. For New York-based designer Mara Silber, this means gravitating towards organic textures and shapes in warm neutrals and earth tones. Get the look in your bedroom with the Wythe Bed in Oyster Performance Linen – a comfortable shape that's the perfect jumping off point for relaxed, organic design. 

Wythe Bed

4. Sculptural Meets Multifunctional 

With the new decade approaching, we realize that our future is informed by our past. Beginning in the 1920s through the 1960s, furniture design emphasized modularity and multifunctionality, and we predict that this trend will have renewed significance in 2020. We're leaning in with our new Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman – this piece works double-duty for family living and entertaining, providing both a comfortable resting place in its upholstered ottoman and a surface for resting drinks on its oak overlay. 

Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman

5. Mix & Match

More than ever in 2020, designers like Nicole Fisher of BNR Interiors are departing from one consistent look in the home to a mix of complementary styles instead. This approach allows for a more organic look that feels to be curated and compiled over time, rather than installed in just one day. Our favorite example of eclectic design that just works? Anissa Zajac of House Seven Design made over her living room with our Dune Sofa and Mercer Chairs, merging distinct yet complementary design styles for a fresh look. 

Maiden home sofa and chairs

Regardless of the styles or trends you choose to inform your décor, remember that your home should always be an expression of you and your family’s lifestyle. As Roeder notes, “practicality is the trend to end all trends. I am increasingly advising my clients to look for finishes and furnishings that can withstand kids and pets, spills and stains, and overall, look orderly amidst all the chaos. That means swapping out marble for quartz, linens for performance fabrics, and sharp corners for rounded edges.” When selecting upholstery, rest easy with our gorgeous array of Performance fabrics – each of which have been hand-selected to stand up to your lifestyle. 

Ready to get started on your own design resolutions? Get started by ordering your own swatch kit today or schedule an appointment with your personal Design Advisor to talk through options, discuss your layout, or learn more about our products.

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