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Spring Clean | How to Design the Perfect White Room in Three Steps

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Spring Clean | How To Design the Perfect White Room in Three Steps


As mindsets generally shift to “cleaning house” this time of year, our new normal has made us all the more aware of how important our home is to our general wellbeing. Looking for a fresh start, we decorated a living room in shades of white to give you some springtime inspiration.

As we all turn inwards, a white room is the perfect way to transform your home into an airy escape. We’re sharing three steps below for how you can channel some peace of mind and home.

Step One: Start With a White Palette

White creates a sense of openness, making rooms appear larger and more spacious. It also leaves room for wandering thoughts and creativity, as it brings a sense of serenity into a room. While white is generally associated with cleanliness and simplicity, those of us with kids or pets also have an inner panic attack when we think about a white sofa in our homes! Rest assured, our Performance fabrics actually repel liquid spills and resist stains, and with The Dune Sofas (shown above in Oyster Performance Linen), the slipcovers are machine washable.

Step Two: Layer in Textures

Textures add visual interest and keep a white room from feeling too flat. Choose textured fabrics for accent pieces like a plush ottoman (The Bowery in our new Powder Performance Chevron pictured) and throw pillows. Natural elements, like the Snow Hair-on-Hide and Walnut wood our Hayes Chairs are featured in, add an organic element to the room. A (subtly) patterned rug is also a great way to add texture to a white space and keep it feeling cozy rather than stark. Choose one in a neutral palette to complement the whites rather than detract from them.

Maiden Home The Hayes Chair

Step Three: Add Pops of Contrast

Use accent pieces in contrasting colors-e.g. greys, blacks-to add depth to an all white room. The Greywash Table on our Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman grounds the eye and creates a focal point at the center of the room, especially when paired with a single, sculptural vase. Graphic throw pillows and artwork (the piece on the wall by artist Holly Addi from Uprise Art Gallery) add interest to the space and keep it feeling lived in rather than museum-like.

Get the Look

Start designing your own all-white room with a complimentary swatch kit of a selection of our white fabrics. Each of our lightest materials have been selected to go beyond high durability marks. Spills will bead up on the surface of the material to be wiped away so that your white furniture pieces will stand up to your everyday life while delivering that magazine-worthy look. 

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