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Decorating Tips | How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Calming Oasis


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As work and school are now run out of our homes and outings are not an option, it seems like “me-time” has become a luxurious and distant memory. In an effort to restore some semblance of serenity (and personal space) into your homes, we’ve laid out five tips that promote better sleep, mood, and overall well-being. Whether in quarantine or in our usual hyper-connected world, a bedroom should be more than just a place to sleep. 

Pictured above: The Wythe Bed in Ash Tribeca Leather.

Tip 1: Lay it Out

The layout of your space is the key to creating a bedroom you love to be in. No matter the size or scale of the room, there are a few golden rules that allow you to maximize your space:

  • Create space on either side of the bed to allow for easy access. This will give the illusion of a larger, more balanced space.
  • Layering rugs, especially in contrasting textures, adds a sense of depth and warmth to the room. As a rule of thumb for sizing, rugs should extend at least one foot from under the bed in all directions.
  • Bedside tables should align to the height of the top of your mattress. If you’re planning to mix-and-match your bedside tables, the scale of the tables should be similar to one another, as you want to create variation without throwing your design off-balance.  

Tip 2: Let There be Light

Light is an essential element to how our bodies relax and unwind. Lighting not only shifts our moods and increases relaxation, but it can also be a great way to induce more restful sleep. Exposure to unnatural light before bed—like the blue light from your cell phone or laptop—can disrupt circadian rhythms and lead to poor rest. Instead, try these lighting tips:

  • Smart light bulbs are an eco-friendly, easy way to adjust both the color and brightness of your lights. Soft amber light is best for winding down before sleep, while brighter white light will help you feel alert in the morning.
  • If you prefer traditional bulbs, use plug-in dimmers on bedside lamps to allow for modulation of light depending on your mood and how close you are to bedtime.
  • Invest in in black-out drapes or shades that properly block out ambient light outside of your home.

The Essex Bed

Pictured above: The Essex Bed in Malt Performance Basketweave and Driftwood finish.

Tip 3: Make Space

De-cluttering your head starts with de-cluttering around your head, and the first place to start is the bedside table. To create a beautifully styled nightstand for your relaxing sanctuary:

  • Clear off the entire table and empty any cubbies or drawers. Get rid of anything that does not belong in your bedroom and organize anything that still has a place there.
  • Identify two items—perhaps a candle and family photo—that bring you a sense of calm and arrange them on the nightstand.
  • Next incorporate one living thing, such as freshly cut flowers or a small potted plant.
  • Tuck a notebook and pen somewhere on or in your table—use this to jot down any worries or creative ideas you have as you’re falling asleep, keeping them out of your head as you fall asleep.

Creating a Bedroom Oasis with Tips from Maiden Home

Pictured above: The Essex Bed in Slate Velvet and Driftwood finish.

Tip 4: Make Your Bed

Keeping your bed tidy is a small action that can reverberate throughout the rest of your day. Fun fact: research suggests that bed-makers are some of the most productive among us. Here are some easy tips for creating a beautiful and cozy bed in your own home:

  • Look for sheets with a thread count between 300 to 500, the sweet spot for both comfort and durability. Sateen sheets are great for the months of the year when you want to be extra cozy, while Percale is the choice for summer. Since much of the world’s cotton is farmed abroad, look for fair trade certifications to indicate that your sheets have been made in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible method.
  • Follow the steps in the diagram below to create a super cozy and beautifully layered look for your bed:

How to make and style a bed

Tip 5: Develop a Routine

Bedrooms are so many things, but they are first and foremost a place for you to recharge. According to research, creating a simply, easily repeated bedtime routine is the number one way to positively affect your ability to get to sleep more quickly and stay asleep until morning. Developing your own routine is both easy and beneficial:

  • Keep it simple. No need for elaborate props or activities; focus on what you can and will do every night. Try to touch each of your senses—light a scented candle, change into cozy pajamas, run through your nighttime hygiene and beauty routines, and anything else that gets you into a calm state before you climb into bed.
  • Set your thermostat two to three degrees lower than your normal setting. This facilitates a drop in your body’s core temperature, helping you fall and stay asleep.
  • 30 minutes before you fall asleep, set your alarm and plug in your phone somewhere other than your nightstand—another room is best. 

Creating a Bedroom Oasis with Tips from Maiden Home

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