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Home Tour | A Dreamy Bedroom Retreat with Michelle Janeen

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Home Tour | A Dreamy Bedroom Retreat with Michelle Janeen


Michelle Janeen Bedroom

At Maiden Home, we're big believers in the power of thoughtful bedroom design to transform a room into a peaceful retreat–even sanctuary–from the stresses of the everyday. When we met Michelle Janeen, who artfully balances a full life as an influential lifestyle designer, working professional and mother, and heard about her goals to design a relaxing bedroom retreat in her signature palette, we immediately envisioned several of our timeless pieces in the space. 

In her San Diego family home, Michelle create a bedroom for her and her husband that reflects a sophisticated yet casual design sensibility, with our Wythe Bed as the centerpiece. We spoke with Michelle about the evolution of design in her home, how to select pieces that speak to both masculine and feminine tastes, and her tips on creating the perfect bedroom retreat.

Michelle Janeen Wythe Bed

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your home.

My husband Kasey and I bought our home here in San Diego in 2016. We share it with our amazing son Maddyx who is now 10 and our sweet rescue dog Lola. We are busy working parents with full time careers as well as passion projects we both pursue on the side. We’ve spent the past six years slowly transforming our home to a space that we would call our sanctuary.  It’s a place to unwind, relax and reset from the business of the world. It has gone through several design iterations since we first purchased it as I wanted to transform it into a light, bright, and airy space filled with lots of natural textures, elements from nature and neutral color tones. My passion has always been interior decorating & styling and I feel called to help others learn how to create their own place of ‘safe’ and sanctuary wherever they are in the world.

Why were you interested in refreshing your bedroom?

I believe we all live our lives in seasons; not the actual definition of the word, but figuratively speaking. Therefore, the look and vibe and feel of our master bedroom just needed to evolve as we had evolved and grown out of our previous season. I wanted something that has lines of masculinity for my husband, but textures and neutrals for me. I love the look of The Wythe Bed. The padded headboard and clean lines just resonated with what I’m feeling now in regards to the need to simplify and streamline designs. I also loved that I could choose a fabric and color that really fit in with our home.

What about Maiden Home initially attracted you?

At first glance, the color palettes spoke to me - give me all the neutrals! But when you look more closely, it’s the craftsmanship bar none that really make all the difference. Custom, handmade, and made in the furniture mecca of the world – North Carolina; say no more. The attention to detail in every single square inch of each piece Maiden Home creates is exquisite.

Michelle Janeen Bedroom

How did you approach the design of your space?

I am a believer in ‘working with what you have’ in terms of space. I knew I did not want to take down any walls or do any major construction in bedroom, so my immediate next thought was paint and color palettes. I always use the same classic white paint and use that as my canvas when designing any space. From there, I chose the natural performance washed linen for The Wythe Bed. Since that’s one of the biggest furniture pieces in the room, I wanted it to feel very organic, clean lines and neither too masculine nor too feminine. From there, I chose accent pieces to compliment the space and the lines of the bed, but things that also wouldn’t add any clutter to the space.

Editor's Note: For a similar fabric, we recommend The Wythe Bed in Buff Performance Chenille.

When selecting the styles that you chose (The Wythe Bed and The Hayes Chairs) - what was your thought process? What design elements from each made you fall in love with them?

The Hayes Chairs are so beautiful; a slight nod to a mid-century vibe yet also has that California vibe of coastal living. The wood grain and tones in the arms and legs of the chair satiate the need for the organic, natural materials feeling I wanted to have in my home. The single piece of the black leather sling is sustainably sourced and strong enough to withstand family living, yet beautiful enough to also be a show stopper. The wood in the frame is also sustainably forested which is important to me as well.

Hayes Chair Black Leather Walnut

How was the experience working with Maiden Home?

Our experience was amazing!  From selecting pieces, to ordering the fabric samples, to having the furniture delivered to our home.  Every step was seamless and effortless.

As an interior design expert, what makes Maiden Home different from the other companies that you work with to source beautiful products? What sets us apart?

Maiden Home’s commitment to excellence and the environment are what make it a go to for me. The care, quality and attention to detail surpasses that of any other company out there doing similar things/designs. The fabrics they choose are made without any harsh chemicals or synthetics which as a mom is very important to me as well. My family and I are all about clean living and healthy living, so Maiden Home just fit perfectly into a lifestyle we already embody. Sustainability + Livability are key pillars to the brand and also what I am always looking for when selecting pieces for my home.

How do you approach designing a bedroom that serves as a relaxing space for you? Are there certain products (candles, rugs, lighting etc) that create a soothing environment? Why is it important to invest in your bedroom?

I want the bedrooms in our home to feel like you’re on vacation or at a hotel! It’s a no-digital zone and free of clutter. Think simple, clean and airy.  A place you go to disconnect, reset and renew. I always incorporate natural linens, candles, greenery, maybe a beautiful book on the bedside table, rugs, lighting, etc. ... it’s all important to think about when designing a bedroom. I believe it is one of the most sensory places in a home. For instance, our bare feet touch the ground – what do you want to feel? Ambient light is so important as well. Many people overlook the importance of what kind of light bulbs they’re using. For me, I always choose soft, natural daylight lighting so that it does not distort the other color tones in the room and is not too harsh on the eyes. There are many things people can do to help create a soothing environment that are easy, inexpensive ways to immediately change the vibe of their bedroom: paint, lighting, area rugs, fresh greens or flowers and a candle.

Hayes Chair Black Leather Walnut

You love the versatility of The Hayes chairs, what about them makes them work in many rooms of your home?

The Hayes Chairs are universal because they appeal to both men and women and they can easily work in so many spaces within our home.  I always love mixing soft whites and natural linens with black and leather so they work perfectly within our home! The design of the chair is classic and silky, matte feel of the frame marry durability with top quality construction. These chairs are also extremely versatile because of the leather I chose. The matte black single hide can withstand the roughhousing and weight of my husband and son, but also continue the theme of organic, local, sustainable, lived in, and back-to-nature feel that I love. They look great in the family room as accent chairs, as well as in the bedroom or any other space. They are the quintessential understated statement piece for my home.

Michelle Janeen chose The Wythe Bed in Natural Performance Washed Linen—for a similar feel, we recommend Buff Performance Chenille. She completed the look with The Hayes chairs in Black Leather and Walnut finish.

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