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Home Tour | @EatSleepWear's Stunning Living Room Makeover

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Home Tour | @EatSleepWear's Stunning Living Room Makeover


Maiden Home Kim Lapides Living Room Home Tour

We’ve long been fans of Anne Sage, the genius designer behind our latest home tour. She’s the master of developing super personal spaces that are simultaneously chic and elevated for her clients.

In this home tour, we’re taking you into the home of super-star blogger Kim Lapides, better known as @EatSleepWear. She partnered up with Anne to create the perfect minimal space that would not only reflect her love for casual California living but also stand up to her growing family.

We sat down with Anne to discuss this beautiful project and how she built the perfect comfortable-luxe living space for Kim.

Maiden Home Kim Lapides Living Room makeover

Tell us a little about how you approached this project.

When Kim and I decided to tackle this project, our goal was to to elevate the design sensibility of the space and give it a really intentional and sophisticated feel. At the same time, Kim has three pets and a brand new baby, so we needed the room to be practical and functional for a growing family! In the end, I’m so incredibly proud of how this space turned out. I can confidently say that we accomplished exactly what we set out to do and then some.

How would you describe your style?

I describe my design style as “livable luxe”. I aim to create spaces that feel richly layered and well thought-out, but at the same time inviting and not too precious. I think that’s why Kim and I jive so well: She’s got a killer eye for fashion and design, yet she’s so down-to-earth and approachable as well. The spaces we’ve created for her home are sumptuous and modern, with some beautiful investment pieces, but they also have an airy, beachy vibe that reflects Kim’s love of SoCal sunshine and shores!

The color scheme for this space is so minimal, but still incredibly luxe. How did you choose this design?

Kim’s drawn to the light, bright, breezy neutrals of modern Scandinavian design, so it was a no-brainer to favor tons of earthy texture over color. We mixed woods, incorporating everything from beech (on The Hayes Chair) to warm teak to ebonized ash, then added in tactile linen (on The Warren chaise sectional) and leather, polished steel and brass, and even cowhide. Although the space is very tonal, it feels dynamic and eye-catching!

Maiden Home Kim Lapides Living Room makeover

The Warren chaise sectional sofa is such a showstopper in this space, how did you land on this shape for Kim's living room?

Without a doubt, finding the perfect sofa was the biggest challenge of the project! Kim had very clear specifications about what she needed for the space, and we couldn’t seem to find a single option that checked all the boxes! Then, we got a sneak peek at a just-released style from Maiden Home called The Warren, and we knew we’d found The One. This sofa truly has everything Kim wanted and more. It’s available in a cozy, loungeable sectional style with multiple size options to suit any size room, and while it’s deep enough to sink into, it’s not so deep that it takes up a ton of space. It has a low profile and slim arms so that it fits in with Kim’s sleek, modern aesthetic, but it’s still really welcoming, like a warm hug! Finally, it’s upholstered in Crypton Home fabric, which means its truly pet and kid proof: Even though it’s white linen, all Kim has to do if it gets dirty is wipe it off with dish soap and a wet cloth!

Maiden Home Kim Lapides Living Room makeover

The Hayes chair is the perfect accent to The Warren's more substantial profile, how did you select this piece?

While we were peeping Maiden Home’s new sofas, we also saw their latest chair style too, and one look at their gorgeous Hayes chair told us our search for any remaining seating was over. The Hayes is made of cowhide and beech, so it brings a lovely earthy texture to the room, yet its sling style feels really light and breezy at the same time. (Look at that texture in the pic above! Swoon!) Plus both Kim and I love that all of Maiden Home’s pieces are made right here in the US by skilled furniture artisans in North Carolina.

Maiden Home Kim Lapides Living Room makeover

The space is filled with beautiful accent pieces. How did you approach sourcing these pieces, and which are your favorites for styling The Warren?

I had a blast styling with tons of globally inspired extras. There are so many fantastic resources for fun finds on the web, many of them with a ethical and sustainability missions behind them, so you can feel good about what you’re bringing into your home! Kim and I both adore The Little Market for soft goods and woven accents. To make the sofa even cozier, we layered some of their pillows in a wide stripe, a narrow stripe, and a delicate grey linen.

From Accompany, we picked up the prettiest Enamel vases with brass trim, great for adding vertical interest to any vignette. The brand’s Berkley Striped lumbar pillow sits perfectly in the sling chair for a subtle addition of pattern, and their Olive wood bowl set is a teeny tiny touch of warm wood on the media console!

Finally, the accessories mix at St. Frank is so spot on, all of it sourced from traditional artisan communities around the world. I especially love St. Frank for rough-hewn pieces like hand-crafted glass beads, which look gorgeous draped over a teak tree root serving bowl, and sculptural statement accents like their Limestone Bi Disc. Of course, I can’t forget a shoutout to their framed ethnic textiles; the lucite-framed Senegalese Biddew Gris fabric over the bar cabinet is such a stunner!

Photos by Monica Wang, Design by Anne Sage. Kim chose The Warren chaise Sectional in Oyster Performance Linen and The Hayes chair in natural white hair-on-hide and beech frame

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