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How to Inspect Your Furniture

How to Inspect Your Furniture

The Dune Sofa in Alabaster Performance Chenille

Pictured above: The Jones Modular Sofa in Heather Grey MerinoThe Hudson Daybed in Slate Blue Mohair and Nickel Performance ChenilleThe Bond Chair in Polar Performance Bouclé, and The Mott Stool in Seal Tuscan Leather.

Our white glove delivery partners are there to make sure your piece is safely placed within your home, in the same pristine condition that it left our North Carolina craftsmen. To help ensure a successful delivery, we outlined some tips on inspecting your furniture, so that you’re ready for its arrival.

Delivery Day Checklist

When your piece first arrives, scan each component slowly and carefully while the delivery team is still present.

  • Check that furniture legs and frames (if applicable) are firmly in place and in excellent condition
  • Check the alignment of corners, as these can be easily be jostled in transit
  • Check all sides of each cushion to account for any smudges or imperfections

If any issues are present, please note all questions and comments on the Proof of Delivery form that our white glove delivery partners ask you to sign. All delivery teams come equipped with this form, so if it’s not presented to you, please ask to receive it. After filling out the form, reach out to us by giving us a call or completing our order support form for a response within one business day. When documented on this form, we are able to resolve issues more seamlessly for you.

    The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman in Nickel Performance Chenille and White Oak finish

    Pictured above: The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman in Nickel Performance Chenille and White Oak finish

    What to Expect

    When your piece first arrives, please know that it needs some time to adjust to its new home. We’ve outlined some common occurrences that are natural to the process of receiving custom made furniture, so that you can rest assured your piece is in line with what to expect:


    You may notice fabric variations as a result of tightly wrapped packaging, which will naturally relax with time. Your cushions, freshly made to fit your sofa or chair, will also soften and settle within 2-3 weeks of normal use.


    If you have chosen a leather piece, you may notice surface scratches as a result of tightly wrapped packaging upon delivery. These are not permanent and can be easily removed in the home by applying light heat to the area with a hair dryer to warm up the surface wax, then gently massage out with your fingers or a dry cloth.

    Wood Finish:

    Wood can vary in color, texture, and grain from piece to piece—which contributes to its character and beauty—and as such you may see slight natural variations in wood finishes.

    Loose Threads:

    During the custom upholstery phase, our skilled artisans finalize your piece through the ‘trimming’ stage. Trimming refers to the ritual of inspection, removing bits of thread from the upholstery, fluffing cushions, and ensuring your piece is looking its best. During transit, additional loose threads may appear that are remnants of the trimming stage and can easily be trimmed or pulled out without damaging the fabric underneath, depending on the thread.

    Connecting Your Sectional:

    Our sectionals are connected using a heavy duty clip called an Alligator Clip. These can be easily connected and disconnected when you want to move your furniture. Note that the "jaws" of the clip may be hidden or tucked underneath your piece to allow for shipping. If this is the case, simply feel around for the clip underneath and rotate it out to connect. Follow this link to learn more about how to use Alligator Clips.

    The Jones Modular in Heather Grey Merino

    Pictured above: The Jones Modular Sofa in Heather Grey Merino

    Welcoming Your Piece Home

    With as much care as we put into building each piece, it’s important to know the best care and maintenance to keep your furniture looking as beautiful as the day it arrived. We’ve outlined tips and guidelines from cushion care to fabric care in our Care Guide to ensure your piece will look its very best for years to come.

    We hope that you’re absolutely loving your Maiden Home furniture, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it well into the future! If you have any questions as you live with your furniture, please don’t hesitate to reach out to