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The Warren - Performance Tweed Char Sofa

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The Warren

Okay, we're just over a year into having our Warren so it's time for a review! We got the 119" chaise sectional in Pearl Performance Linen for our living room and it is undoubtedly the most comfortable couch we've ever sat or laid on. We upgraded to a bench cushion on the non-chaise part and love that as well. The cushions are holding up great despite daily TV night and WFH use over the last year. The fabric is really soft and also stays cool. I liked the ethos and transparency of the brand and that it was ethically made in the US. And MH's customer service was amongst the best I've experienced throughout.

My one big hang-up with it was my one reason for almost sending this couch back when we first received it (how comfortable it was made us keep it), and that's that it doesn't have washable slip covers and we were nervous. Our thinking was that in maybe 5 years we'd splurge to have slipcovers custom made for the couch, but a year in, we're already kind of needing them despite frequently vacuuming the couch and wiping up any stains quickly. We really regret getting this couch in a near-white fabric because it just isn't possible to keep it clean without the ability to wash the covers -- though at the same time, had we gotten a darker color, the couch would still be just as dirty since it doesn't have washable covers, we'd just never know it, so I'm not sure which is better. The main reason we got the Pearl color was that we were kind of disappointed in MH's selection of natural / beige colors in their linen fabrics (they do now offer some with their Stonewashed Linen, though the Warren isn't made in them). So my main two pieces of feedback are that we wish the Warren had been offered in more color options for Linen or Performance Linen, and that we really, really wish there was an option to purchase it with slipcovers. If MH ever started to offer a custom, washable slipcover for the Warren, we'd buy it in a heartbeat.

All in all we love our couch and wouldn't trade it for any of the other brands we were looking at -- it really is as comfortable as everyone says! Just beware that when you're buying the Warren, it will be harder to keep clean than a couch with slipcovers.

Ginger McFarland
Beautiful but much lower profile

We spent months looking for a new sofa and finally decided on Maiden Home's Warren L Sectional in Cider Performance Velvet with bench seat cushions. Customer service was extremely responsive, and delivery (August 2020) was seamless, despite a steep set of stairs. The sofa is beautiful, and the color is stunning. Although the construction is exceptional (husband's a carpenter), we were disappointed at how low the back was when sitting. Yes, we measured however, if had the opportunity to test drive, we wouldn’t have purchased the Warren. It's been a couple years and the low profile still haunts us, as we compete for the corner seat.

The Warren

I bought my Warren section in the fall of 2021. It took about 3 months and was well worth the wait! It is perfect for a family room as it’s comfortable for everyone both petite and tall. We got the performance tweed in smoke and it withstands our sweet little kitty’s claws when he occasionally stretches after a cozy nap. The color is beautiful and it looks great with the neutral / natural vibes of the room! We bought our second maiden home couch for our formal living room and can’t wait to add some chairs to our master bedroom!

carol martin
Very Poor Customer Service

Maiden Home left my high and dry - I was not satisfied with the cushions on the sofa I purchase from them for a very high price. They would not do anything about it. Said too bad if you are not happy, but we won't do anything about it.

I would not purchase anything from them again and would not recommend them to anyone.

They only care about their bottom line.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We intentionally designed the Warren’s cushions to be constructed with a careful balance of sink-in comfort and firmness, providing a casual sit with the support of eight-way hand tied springs. We are not able to offer a custom cushion construction, as this would alter the design intention of your piece. As comfort is highly personal, we do offer a 30-day return or exchange policy, and encourage you to explore our Sofa Comfort Guide where you can compare the firmness offered throughout our assortment. If your 30-day return or exchange window has passed, we recommend exploring custom cushion options with a local upholstery specialist, who may be able to bring to life new cushions on your behalf. Please let us know of any further questions at

melissa anderson
Worth the Wait!

I did a lot of research on American made furniture before deciding on Maiden Home. We had to wait about 18 weeks for our Warren, but it was worth the wait. It sits lower than I was expecting, but it is a very comfortable couch and the depth of the cushions is great. The material seems like it is going to hold up very well, I plan on ordering the matching ottoman too!

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