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The Warren - Performance Tweed Char Sofa

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Do NOT hesitate on the Warren

After spending so much time in my house during covid, I was minutes away from buying this couch. I went to all the usual stores and no one had anything I liked. My husband thought I was absolutely insane to buy a couch we hadn't sat on. So I waited, a year passed and when I couldn't take our couch another minute I said, we're buying it! I'm so glad I did, and I'm so mad that I hesitated because I could have been siting on this couch for the past year. Ordering was so easy, they even sent me extra pics of the couch and answered all my questions. Delivery was quick and they sent emails every step of the way telling me what stage my couch was in. We had one little delay but that was the outside delivery company's fault. The couch is amazing, so comfortable, so beautiful (we got the performance tweed in smoke). Everyone who comes over compliments the couch and says how comfortable it is. Only con, If you are a neat freak this may not be the couch for you, the back pillows are fluffy and big I'm often adjusting and putting things back in place, definitely thinks it's a couch for a more casual family space. The entire family is loving it, including our golden doodle who hated the old couch and now sits with us while we watch TV. It's like sitting on a cloud!

Steve K
'Perfect L Shape' - Leather Warren Sectional

We determined we wanted a perfect L sectional and began our search nearly 6 months ago. One thing we noticed is that very few companies offered a perfectly symmetrical L sectional outside of MH - most would have a 2 piece sectional where one piece was long then the other to form an L - as a result there was no symmetry if you're designing into a corner and the cushion sizes end up being varied to make the L work. Our designer showed us a number of very expensive trade brands but was shocked when she saw MH had a proper L sectional that consisted of a 3 pieces one being a proper corner. she said this type design is more expensive to execute and not found in mass brands. We ended up going with MH in the Tuscan Leather - the sample quality was thick and excellent and the sectional in person has lived upto the billing. Delivery was easy and courteous - maiden home said no tips were required but I gave the two gentlemen $20 each. I know my designer has gone and purchased from Maiden again for other clients after we introduced her to the brand. She literally wanted us to spend 3x what we ended up spending but even she has remarked at how great the quality is.

Nate Dogg
nate dogg and warren g!

great sectional very funny. cushions held up well and as the sales person told us, they recommend we regulate them every now and then. she was young and im old but still cracks me up every time i 'regulate my warren'. if you dont get this - you are too young.

jokes aside beautiful sectional and great service start to finish. we missed our delivery appointment which was just truly our forgetting and on us but they worked to reschedule it as soon as possible and were very fair and kind on the whole thing (we did pay for redelivery but again thats fair was totally my mistake and the truck did show up to our building)

Stunning velvet Warren

We bought the L shape olive velvet Warren sectional for our family room where we spend the most time. We have a large dog and two cats and two weeks in the dust and hair vacuum right off to make the cushions look pristine again. It’s also amazingly comfortable for hours of TV or naps and the olive color is incredibly rich and sophisticated.

The Warren

I bought my Warren section in the fall of 2021. It took about 3 months and was well worth the wait! It is perfect for a family room as it’s comfortable for everyone both petite and tall. We got the performance tweed in smoke and it withstands our sweet little kitty’s claws when he occasionally stretches after a cozy nap. The color is beautiful and it looks great with the neutral / natural vibes of the room! We bought our second maiden home couch for our formal living room and can’t wait to add some chairs to our master bedroom!