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The Warren - Performance Tweed Char Sofa

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Warren - couch and ottoman

I took a big risk and ordered this couch unseen but I love my Warren. I initially ordered the two pieces in denim without ordering fabric swatches. I felt like it would be difficult to know how a full sized couch would look based on a small fabric square. The fabric guide online was accurate and the couch looks even better in person. I changed my mind within 24 hours and instead of ordering the denim, I ordered the blue chevron performance fabric. Customer service was very helpful and cancelled the order since I was within the 24 hour window. I recreated the order and was refunded for the previous one. The estimated wait time provided was very close to the delivery date - customer service emailed to let me know it might be one to two weeks late but it was delivered within a few days of the original estimate. The fabric is beautiful and easy to clean. I follow their care instructions and vacuum off the pet fur once/week and rotate the cushions once/month. I love the lower profile and the classic look. My cat clawed it in a few places on the back which pulled some threads loose. I simply draped a blanket over the area and it still looks amazing and she doesn't scratch it any more. Overall, I am very happy with customer service and with my beautiful couch. Do your research and take your time before you order. It's worth it.

So happy, no regrets!

I was so terrified to make a purchase this big without testing a couch in person - but the preponderance of other positive reviews persuaded me. I'm so glad I did. This couch is precisely what it claims to be - it looks classic/modern, trim, clean-cut -- and it feels like movie night! It's insanely comfy without being hard to "get out of" like other comfy couches we considered. The fabric is beautiful - and we received truly extraordinary customer service along the way. Maiden Home is now my #1 go to choice for any kind of furniture. Great experience, really excellent quality.

Love my Warrens!

I ordered a Warren sofa in 2020 and have been super happy with it. So happy that in fact, when we decided to rearrange our living room, we ordered another matching Warren - so now we have two! The style blends so well with everything we have going on - it works with both traditional and more contemporary aesthetics. We ordered the sofas in the chevron parchment fabric and love it's durability and feel. I've been so happy with our purchases and would definitely recommend Maiden Home to others looking to buy online.

Jennifer Burnett
Really like the Warren

We really like our new Warren couch. We got the L-shape and overall appreciate that it's good quality. One thing is concerning however, which is that the frame of the couch creaks. Whenever my husband or I sit down and lean against the arm of the couch the underlying wooden frame almost makes a groaning sound. There is of course no way to fix an issue like this as it is internal/structural. Hopefully it doesn't indicate a long-term quality issue.

Warren 85 in sofa

Love the comfort level and how deep this sofa is, and love the fabric quality (performance linen). I got chocolate on it the first day and it came right off with water +shout wipe! Only thing I'm not too pleased with is after sitting on the sofa for a few hours there are dents in the cushions so it takes constant fluffing to make it look new. Also, its very low to the ground (and I'm short, 5'2), I had to order new end tables so they would be the correct height. I hope they publish a guide on how to get out certain food stains, I really hope it wasn't just luck that I got out the chocolate.

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