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Home Tour | Sita Montgomery's Coastal-Inspired Retreat

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Home Tour | Sita Montgomery's Coastal-Inspired Retreat


When designer Sita Montgomery initially designed her family's media room, she expected it to be used as a multifunctional space—both a poolside retreat and family room. But after spending so much time at home this past year, she realized it was due for a refresh to fit the changing needs of her family. She looked to Maiden Home for design-driven pieces that delivered on quality, comfort, and style—creating a coastal-inspired, versatile lounge space that her family spends hours in. 

Pictured above: The Jones Modular Sofa in Creme Performance Linen and The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman in Stone Tribeca Leather with Whitewash finish.

We chatted with Sita about her room update and how the past year has changed her perspective on design in the home.

Pictured above: The Jones Modular Sofa in Creme Performance LinenThe Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman in Stone Tribeca Leather with Whitewash finishThe Mott Stool in Olive Velvet and Natural Ash finish and The Mercer Chair in Almond Mohair.

Tell us a bit about your home and how you’ve approached the design within it.

We were fortunate to design and build our dream home, which we moved into in August of 2018. When designing our home, I really tried to clear my head of the “design clutter” and focus on my personal style and how our family lived. Classic Southern and Coastal homes have always been a love of mine, so I knew I wanted to design a home that paid homage to that style, while still maintaining the clean, streamlined aesthetic that our family feels comfortable in. The result is a home that is truly representative of our family and how we live.

What inspired your living room design refresh?

The Living/Television room was originally created to be a dual function space. A place where our family could lounge and watch TV, but also a place where our kids and their friends could come in from the pool and hang out. As a result, I had furnished the room using indoor/outdoor furniture. What we have found, since moving in, is that the room is being used primarily for lounging and TV watching and that the teenagers rarely come inside to use it on their pool days. The indoor/outdoor furniture, while pretty, was far from comfortable. Spending so much time at home lately made us realize we really need a space where beauty, function, and comfort all are equally important.

Pictured above: The Jones Modular Sofa in Creme Performance Linen

When selecting your newest Maiden Home additions, what was your thought process? What design elements from each made you fall in love with them?

As a designer, the first thing I look for when selecting furniture are design-driven pieces that can elevate a room; Maiden Home's masterfully designed pieces do just that. The Jones Modular Sofa was the first piece I chose and was an obvious choice. First, I fell in love with the clean lines and the flange seam detail. Also, our media room is longer than it is deep. As a result, I need a piece that could accommodate the width of the room and seat as many people as possible. The easy customization of The Jones Modular Sofa allowed me to maximize seating despite the room's tricky dimensions, without compromising style and comfort. The deep seat, down-filled cushions, and pillowy arms have made it a favorite in our home. 

I then added The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman, the perfect choice for our space. I love how versatile the two-in-one piece is; our family comfortably puts their feet up on the ottoman while still giving us a stable table overlay to place drinks and snacks. I appreciate how The Bowery's design makes it a centerpiece in the room, while also being family-friendly. I was able to choose a rich, durable leather upholstery for the ottoman and the table overlay is specially finished to hold up to daily use. The Bowery has it all!

Pictured above: The Jones Modular Sofa in Creme Performance Linen and The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman in Stone Tribeca Leather with Whitewash finish.

Every room needs a piece (or two) that gets people talking, and The Mercer Chair coupled with The Mott Stool steal the show in this room. Our entire home has a feel of casual elegance to it, and I knew that I wanted to continue that in this room. The Mercer Chair is equal parts striking and casual. The graphic silhouette is highlighted by the angular, steel arms. I chose to upholster the pieces in Maiden Home’s luxurious and soft Almond Mohair fabric. My family also loves the deep seat of The Mercer Chair, which ensures that it is every bit as comfortable as it is beautiful. 

For me, The Mott Stool is the perfect combination of form and function. The hand-carved base and pleated upholstery make it a design-forward piece that also offers versatility. The beautiful Olive Performance Velvet upholstery gives the neutral room a subtle pop of color. I coupled the chair with The Mott Stool to give us another spot to put our feet up and also allow for additional seating, if needed.

Pictured above: The Mott Stool in Olive Velvet and Natural Ash finish and The Mercer Chair in Almond Mohair.

How has it been living with your pieces so far?

When I revealed the finished space to my family, they were immediately impressed with how beautiful each Maiden Home piece was. After several weeks of living in the room and using the pieces, we have all agreed that they not only gorgeously designed pieces, but they truly deliver in the comfort department as well. Before refreshing the room using the Maiden Home pieces, the space was largely underutilized. Now, it has become a space that our family uses regularly and spends hours in.

What about Maiden Home initially attracted you?

I have been fortunate enough to have used Maiden Home pieces in my clients' projects. Maiden Home’s commitment to providing design-forward, high-quality pieces has made it a go-to for me when sourcing upholstery pieces for my clients. Each piece I have ordered is representative of the fact the Maiden Home does not compromise on quality, comfort, and style. I also appreciate that each piece is custom made in North Carolina by talented craftsmen. I know that when I choose Maiden Home pieces, I am delivering pieces to my clients that I feel confident they will love for many years.

As we approach the colder months, what does this season typically mean for you and your family within your home?

Winter in Utah is beautiful, but often unbearably cold. As a result, our family, like many, spends more time indoors. It is during these colder months, that we see increased use of the gathering areas of our home. We spend more time in the kitchen, playing games, watching television and movies, and taking naps by the fire. Having spaces that are both beautiful and functional is always top of mind for us, but it becomes of paramount during this time of the year.

The Jones Modular in Creme Performance Linen

Pictured above: The Jones Modular Sofa in Creme Performance Linen

How did you initially get into interior design?

My journey to interior design, as a profession, is a bit unconventional. While in college, I took several design-related classes, but ultimately graduated with a degree in the Health Sciences. Fast forward 10 years, and I was a stay at home mom with 3 children. While at home, I had designed my own home and then friends and family started asking me to help them with their homes. That prompted me to take the plunge and start Sita Montgomery Interiors in 2012. Since then, I have been fortunate to see my design business grow and flourish. It is both humbling and rewarding to work with so many amazing clients who trust me to help them create their dream homes.

What has been inspiring you lately in design?

I find design inspiration everywhere. Lately, I have found myself being especially inspired by the changing of the seasons in Utah. Right now, we are experiencing the transition to fall and the colder months. I find myself designing spaces that moody and incorporate rich, warm colors. I think it is just another example of the mental and emotional influence your environment can have on you.

As we all transform our homes into a personal escape for the winter months, it’s fun to dream of a time where we can travel again. What are your top three recommendations for escapes?

We were supposed to go on a 3 week tour of Europe with our children in July, so as soon as we can travel again, that is where we will go. Beyond that, a beach vacation is always a favorite with Kauai at the top of the list. If you want to be inspired by natural beauty, Banff Canada, is a must see. The awe-inspiring lakes and majestic mountains will leave you speechless.

The Mercer Chair in Almond Mohair

Pictured above: The Jones Modular Sofa in Creme Performance Linen and The Mercer Chair in Almond Mohair.

This year, we’ve all spent more time at home than expected. As a designer, how has this changed your perspective on design and function within your home?

As we have spent more time at home, I have come to appreciate just how much our environment contributes to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Our homes can truly be our sanctuaries and a place of respite from the world outside. Investing in our homes can be an investment in ourselves and our families. I have often considered how this home we have created has allowed us the opportunity to strengthen our family relationships and create meaningful and lasting memories, during this unprecedented time.

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Pictured above: The Jones Modular Sofa in Creme Performance Linen and The Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman in Stone Tribeca Leather with Whitewash finish.

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