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How Jenni Kayne Turned a Small Space into a Cozy Holiday Retreat

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How Jenni Kayne Turned a Small Space into a Cozy Holiday Retreat


Dune Sofa in Jenni Kayne's Bungalow

The holidays are an opportunity to get celebratory - and the perfect time to enliven your home with touches of fun, seasonal décor. So we were thrilled when Jenni Kayne’s Meaghan Murphy turned to Maiden Home to help her transform a cozy bungalow in Venice, California, into a functional and festive retreat.

We love how she balanced her favorite pieces from our collection with her artfully curated selection of holiday accents - all which seamlessly complement the home’s jewel-box scale. Below, Meaghan shares some of her expert tips for making the most of a small space to create that warm holiday feel.

Wythe Bed

What are the building blocks for decorating a small space? 

My biggest rule when designing for a small space is to define it by creating various zones in the room. Even if you’re working with a studio, you can still create the feel of separate rooms by using area rugs and strategically positioning larger furniture.

Proper space planning is also key here: using a petite sofa (The Dune Sofa is perfect for this—it’s not too wide but deep enough for totally comfortable lounging), or even skipping large pieces like a coffee table altogether, and instead, utilizing side tables and consoles for tabletop space. This can help to dramatically maximize your space.

Another key is focusing on simple décor with a few statement pieces. Less is more when it comes to using color in a small space: lighter shades make a room feel bigger (not to mention add a calming feel). I recommend large upholstered pieces in faded shades. The Maiden Home Wythe Bed and Dune Sofa come in amazing neutral tones like Creme Performance Linen and Bone Performance Textured Linen. 

Dune Sofa

What’s your approach to editing down pieces and identifying the essentials?

In a small space, everything must serve a functional purpose. If you can find functional pieces that also double as décor (like nice storage baskets or benches) that’s even better!

How can you infuse seasonal accents without weighing down the room?

My favorite way to decorate a small space for the holidays is by working seasonal greenery into your flower arrangements.

What are some non-traditional ways to make a small space feel seasonal?

Seasonal-smelling candles like cedar and ash fill a space with natural, holiday scents. Room sprays are also an amazing way to transform a space. If you don’t have a fireplace mantle from which to hang stockings, you can drape them over a bench or another flat surface! If you can fit a larger vase on the floor, use tall seasonal greenery to mimic the feel of a holiday tree.

To us, making a space (of any size) comfortable and “holiday-ready” for that influx of family and friends means having extra blankets and pillows around to create a cozy feel, keeping your favorite candle lit, and cooking your favorite recipes or having tasty seasonal drinks on hand to serve.

Read more of Meaghan's tips on Jenni Kayne.

Dune Sofa 

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