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The Studio

Say Hello to The Hayes


Effortless, casual, cool: introducing The Hayes chair. Whether you favor a bohemian style or a more modern vibe, the Hayes has a versatile, laid-back aesthetic that instantly elevates any space.

In designing The Hayes, we wanted to convey a sense of ease paired with thoughtful, minimal design. Though simple in form, our newest shape was one of our most challenging to execute. From sourcing the finest natural materials, to seeking out specialist craftsmen to execute this intricate design - our journey bringing The Hayes to life was nearly one year long, resulting in a truly special piece with design, quality and craftsmanship previously unseen at our price point.

A Solid Foundation

The Hayes' frame, constructed of European beech, is hand polished with wax, which brings out the natural wood grain and leaves a silky, yet matte finish. We avoided stains or lacquers, instead allowing the natural beauty of the material to shine. Each piece of the frame is connected through traditional joinery which gives a sense of seamlessness while maintaining a solid, sturdy architecture.

A Perfect Seat

The sling though, is the star of The Hayes chair. We partnered with Moore & Giles–our go-to source for the highest quality leathers–to hand-select the purest natural white cowhides for this piece. We don’t treat our hides with harsh chemicals or bleaches, so each one must be selected for its natural white coloring, making them incredibly rare. Each hide is then hand cut and attached to the frame using metal nailheads and borders of pure white suede.

Our commitment to maintaining the standard of quality and coloration of hide that we use will require us to periodically maintain a waitlist for this shape. Subscribers to this list will receive the first opportunity to purchase this shape once we've received a new batch of hides that meet our specifications.   

The Final Touch

Each piece is finished with hand-knotted suede ties that secure sling to frame, and add casual flair–where form meets function.

From start to finish, each Hayes chair is six days in the making, with a team of specialist craftsmen in our Hickory, North Carolina workroom working in close partnership to bring it to life. When you sit down in your Hayes after a long day of work, we’re pretty confident you’ll agree that sometimes the best things are worth the wait.   

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