Tips to Keep Your Maiden Home Furniture Looking and Feeling Great


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Maiden Home Care Guide

Each Maiden Home piece is handcrafted to the highest standards by our North Carolina partners for unparalleled comfort and quality. From the precision cut framing and hand-secured spring system to the art of upholstering, your furniture is built using premium materials and cut-no-corners construction. 

With as much care as we put into building each piece, it’s important to know the best care and maintenance to keep your furniture looking as beautiful as the day it arrived. We’ve outlined the following tips and guidelines to ensure your piece will look its very best for years to come.

Cushion Care

Your cushions are covered under a five-year warranty protecting you against any premature degradation of its high-resilience foam core, but there are a few simple ways to extend the life of your cushions that we suggest to all of our customers. 

Since we tend to gravitate to one spot on the couch, rotate and flip your cushions to avoid uneven wear on any one cushion or spot. We suggest doing this monthly to keep your cushions lofty, comfortable, and looking great. For sectionals where cushion widths can vary, try to switch cushions of matching widths when rotating to keep spacing aligned. If you have a chaise sectional or a bench cushion on your sofa, you may see a bit of unevenness of loft on your cushion—this is simply an uneven distribution of microfill across a longer cushion and can be easily fixed by ‘regulating’ the cushion. To do this, unzip the cushion cover and use your arm and hand to pat it even like smoothing a bed sheet on a bed. All of our back cushions are sewn with three horizontal channels to prevent fill from settling to the bottom, but over time you may need to fluff your cushions to keep them lofted and looking great. Simply flip the cushion and lightly shake to allow the feathers or fiber to redistribute.

Maiden home care guide

Spot Cleaning

Our fabrics were each hand-selected to stand up to some of your most tricky stains—especially our Performance fabrics that feature liquid-resistance, making them perfect for combating everyday spills and messes. We recommend vacuuming your upholstered furniture regularly to remove dust and dirt that will degrade the fabric prematurely.

Should you come up against more difficult stains or scuffs, we’ve partnered with some of the finest mills in America to offer superior stain resistance, and refer our customers to their expert guides for removing stains, including the best products for each. Note: With the exception of The Dune Collection with a machine washable slipcover, we do not recommend machine washing your cushion covers. This will prevent the cushion covers from shrinking and the zippers from breaking. Due to the organic content of the Dune's slipcover, slight variations in color may occur after washing. To prevent, machine wash cold and air dry.

Sunbrella cleaning crypton home cleaning instructions

For our non-performance fabrics, spot cleaning is still a breeze. Merino is easily cleaned by blotting with water and any clear soap or detergent (like Tide Clear™).

To keep your upholstery in top shape over time, we suggest that our customers have a professional deep clean of their furniture annually. 

Wood Frames

If you ever notice a chip or scratch in the wooden component of your piece like a frame or leg, you can easily disguise it with a wood marker, restoring the polished look of your piece. We recommend the Katzco 13-piece kit that includes a range of colors to match all of our wood finish choices. The kit also comes in handy for other wood repairs around the house from tables and chairs to cabinets and trim work. 

To use this product properly, note that the stain in the pens dries quickly, so as you’re applying the stain, keep a dry paper towel on hand to quickly clean up any excess. Follow the full instructions on the packaging to achieve the best results.

Caring for Leather and Shearling

Leather furniture is naturally stain resistant and among the most durable options you can choose for your home, making it especially perfect for high-traffic areas. One of the most attractive attributes of leather is that it will naturally patina over time, developing that rich character that makes your piece entirely unique.

To keep your leather in great condition, we recommend not placing your piece in prolonged direct sunlight, dusting it regularly, and moisturizing it periodically with a leather conditioner to avoid cracking of the leather over time. We suggest our leather partner, Moore and Giles’ No. 33 Conditioner.

Our Tuscan Leather line has a smooth finish which can show light scratches, contributing its unique aesthetic and adding character over time. If you’d like to remove any of these scratches, simply warm the area with a hairdryer set to medium about 8” from the leather's surface, and massage the wax back into place with your finger.

Our pure New Zealand Shearling is sourced from Moore & Giles, one of America's oldest and most revered leather companies. In order to keep the luxe, touchable textural and natural dimension of shearling, we recommend the following special care and maintenance:

  • Using an upholstery attachment with the rotary setting turned off, vacuum your shearling on the highest setting to remove any dust and debris. 
  • For spot cleaning, gently pat the stain using a mild liquid detergent and a damp sponge as quickly as possible. Use a soft towel to absorb any leftover moisture, avoiding rubbing the natural fibers.
  • Never use bleach or cleaners containing enzymes.  
  • To remove knots and tangles, use a wooden bristle brush to revive natural texture.
  • To avoid sun spots and fading, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high heat.
  • If deep cleaning is necessary, use a professional service specializing in leather or sheepskin.

Additional Tips

Tie-downs: Maiden Home Sofas come standard with tie-downs that keep your cushions in place over time. To connect your tie-downs, simply attach the metal clips to the fabric loops on the side of your cushions and enjoy cushions that won’t shift forward over time.

maiden home care guideConnecting your Sectional: Our sectionals are connected using a heavy duty clip called an Alligator Clip. These can be easily connected and disconnected when you want to move your furniture. When your furniture is made, one part of your sectional will have a clip (that resembles the jaws of an alligator) affixed to its base, and another will have a diamond shape affixed to its base. These two pieces slide together easily during installation and keep your sectional tightly connected. If you choose to move your sectional, simply lift the piece of your sectional connected to the diamond to release the grip of the clip and pull the pieces apart. To re-connect, line up the point of the diamond with the opening of the clip and slide the two pieces of your sectional together until the pieces are snugly connected. Note that the "jaws" of the clip can pivot, and may be hidden or tucked underneath your piece after it is moved, you can rotate it out to connect.  

Maiden Home Connector Clips

No-move furniture: we recommend adding grip pads to your furniture to keep it in place on wood floors. Grip pads will also prevent any scratches to your floors.  We hope that you’re absolutely loving your Maiden Home furniture, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it well into the future! If you have any questions as you live with your furniture, please don’t hesitate to reach out to