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The Jones Modular - Tuscan Leather Camel Sofa

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Malshi Aguinaldo
Best sofa ever

We've had our Jones for 6 months now, and I'm in love! The modular pieces makes it so easy to rearrange and the comfort is perfect - deep enough to curl my feet under and short enough to sit normally when working. The back cushions require some maintenance but after investing in a piece like this - I'd definitely expect that to be the case! Our friends love coming over and lounging - definitely a highlight of our living room!

Have had our jones for 2 years

We have had our Jones for over two years now and are very happy with the sofa. I have 8 sections of this sofa set up in a sectional that our designer helped us to order, and I am so glad I listened to her. We ordered a navy velvet because I wanted to make a statement in our family room and the details like the seams up the arms pick up so nicely in the light. It is very durable (pets) and easy to keep clean. I get a ton of compliments when we have people over, both on style and comfort.

All in all I would call this sofa a lounging sofa. I will note that it took a week or two to break in, but having a down sofa in the past I knew that right on delivery the comfort will be a bit stiffer. I can comfortably curl up my legs on the seat to lounge (I am 5' 8") because the seat is a really nice depth. The seat is soft with the feeling of support and easy to stand up out of (a concern I had before ordering since my older parents visit often). The back cushions are soft and cozy- one of my favorite parts of this sofa. I rotate the seat cushions once a month, but other than that I don't have to do much with them. I fluff the back cushions a couple times a week- it still looks really great two years later. I recommend this sofa to all my friends!

Very happy with Jones in Oyster performance linen

Ordered a 6 piece jones sectional for our main seating sofa. Very happy - the sofa is a modernish style, it’s super comfortable but still very structured and stays neat/doesn’t require any fluffing. The arms are just so well done and crafted and is what really makes this piece stand out. The cushion are very comfortable but I will note it’s lower seat going with a more modern vibe - that is perfect for us but was a slight adjustment as our old sofa was a 10 year old baker piece that was quite a traditional look and sat very very high.

Delivery was easy /sofa arrived early so no complaints there. I do wish I could clip ottomans on the inside edge of the chaise piece.

Uncomfortable and Awkward

We ordered a large Jones modular sectional. I was impressed by the customer service, communication, lead times, and delivery. The couch appears to be very well made. Unfortunately, that’s where the positives end. The sectional is extremely uncomfortable and awkward. We’ve had it for two weeks and have tried to love it, but we can’t get comfortable. The cushions are too firm, the performance linen fabric is scratchy, and it feels like we’re slipping off when we sit upright with our feet on the floor. We’ve polled multiple visitors and they’ve all disliked it as well. Everyone keeps shifting and moving to try to find a decent position, but ends up looking stiff and uncomfortable. Sadly, it’s not as visually exciting as I thought it would be either. It is very low to the ground and looks rather small despite the large measurements and price tag. I hate to write a negative review, because I love the company’s backstory and am very pleased with our other Maiden Home purchase, but this is a huge miss. I purchased the couch sight unseen based on the positive reviews posted on this website, which raved about its comfort and good looks, and I wish I had seen more honest feedback. We have made the difficult decision to pay a hefty 10% return fee and buy something else.

Jones Sectional not "sink-in" comfortable at all

We are actually very disappointed with our Jones sectional sofa and honestly regretting our purchase. We like the look of it ok (although its much lower to the floor than we expected) but it is not comfortable at all. The main reason is the seat cushions are very hard and stiff, almost bouncy. We had purchased this sofa based on the reviews that is was soft with “sink in comfort” as described on your website. So we were very shocked and disappointed when we sat on it and the seats are very hard and you don’t sink into it at all. The back cushions are very soft and cushy like you would expect from a down couch, so it is very strange that the seat cushions are nothing like the back cushions. It does not feel like the same filling in the seats as is in the backs. It honestly does not feel like a down filled sofa.

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