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The Sullivan - Performance Tweed Denim Sofa

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We love it!

We are very happy with our Sullivan! Very attractive and comfortable. We got it in the Creme performance linen with down alternative fill. The lines are nice, the fabric has a nice, natural look and seems very durable, and the depth is just right for us. I was hesitant about the bench seating but it is actually quite nice. I also had an excellent experience with customer service, and the sofa arrived earlier than anticipated. It wasn't my preference to buy a sofa without being able to sit on it, but this purchase thankfully worked out great. No problems with construction or issues with back cushions being limp -yet (we've had it just over a month) - that could be because we got the down alternative, which could be an option if you want something just a tad more supportive. Overall we are very pleased.

Timur R
great sectional

tuscan leather u sectional. have had for over a year now - leather has broken in /worn very nicely. very comfortable for me (6ft tall) both for lying down and sitting up. would recommend and glad this worked out as was a big $ purchase.

Buyer Beware!

Beautiful photos and descriptions of their furniture, with a lot of talk about “artisans” and “craftsmen” but their Sullivan sofa is the most uncomfortable, poorly designed sofa I’ve ever owned $3000 (x2) out the window. Super promising emails from customer support that go on and on but they never work for the customer. They DO NOT CARE if you are dissatisfied over a $6000 purchase. They just keep repeating that the sofa meets THEIR quality standards. Who cares if it meets their standards when it’s the customer’s standards that should matter! After months of going back and forth with them, I cut my losses and sent the sofas to a consignment shop. AND THEY COULD NOT SELL THEM, even at the lowest price point. Don’t get sucked in by their pretty pictures and claims.
Do your research on this company. You must dig deep! They’ve done well at covering their tracks. Do not be fooled by their website reviews! They have fake Instagram pages that make glowing comments on their posts. Once I called them out on this, their fake accounts blocked me. @perryisscary was their main fake account. This account bullies people who comment about their dissatisfaction on social media.
I realize my review will be sent to Maiden Home so they can respond. And they will. With one of their monotonous and canned, but very nice brush off e-mails. Over and over again. It goes something like this:
Thank you for your message and for your feedback, and I am very sorry to hear this. When concerns do arise with our pieces, we are always eager to review all concerns thoroughly with our design team, as quality is our top priority. In reviewing your photos, we were able to confirm that your cushions do look to be crafted to our expectations, and that regular regulating, or adjusting, of your cushions should allow the fill to remain consistently distributed throughout your cushions over time as your pieces are used. If we may review any additional photos, please just let us know, and we will be happy to review with our team.

Nice but full of fluff. Very uncomfortable fluff.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on The Sullivan Sofa, and we’re sorry to hear that it wasn’t a perfect fit. We designed The Sullivan with a down-blend cushion construction which gives the piece a relaxed comfort profile. We paired this relaxed design with a supportive foundation of eight-way hand tied springs. With the down-filled construction and its seamless bench cushion style, The Sullivan has a feel of lofty, melt-in comfort. We understand that comfort is personal, and this style may not be for everyone. We would love the opportunity to serve you again in the future, and are happy to better understand your family’s comfort and design preferences and match you with a style that you’ll love for years to come.

I’m so disappointed!

I was so excited about purchasing the Sullivan sofa and did a lot of research. The bones of the sofa are good but the back cushions are terrible. They need constant fluffing, don't have enough support, and look frumpy. They look nothing like the pictures shown on the website. I had to contact customer service right when the sofa came because two of the back sofa cushion was not stitched properly and the seams were coming apart. I should have sent the whole sofa back then but I had already waited 8 months for it to arrive. I'm so disappointed with the quality and how much money I spent on this sofa!

Quality control problems

For starters, it is an attractive sectional and I do like the shape and fabric. It's pretty comfortable and I hope it lasts many years. However I'm shocked by the quality control issues in this price range.

There was an exposed metal nail in one of the couch legs. Yes, there was a literal uncapped metal nail hammered under the leg of my $7,000 couch. It gouged up my brand new LVP flooring in my newly built home. This is so obviously beyond unacceptable that I assumed MH would go above and beyond to make it right, but customer service--while very responsive--didn't take any responsibility. They made me personally deal with their 3rd party delivery service which took weeks of phone tag and being outright ignored many steps along the way, until I was finally connected with a delivery manager who would listen. She was very kind and couldn't believe what was going on, and she let me file a claim for $522.
I'm not sure if my issues were ever escalated internally to notify QC of this happening, and honestly it never felt like MH took my issue seriously because they didn't want to admit it was their fault. They put way, way too much responsibility and stress on me, and pawning me off to a third party didn't feel like a premium experience. Oh and there's tiny metal staples(?) poking out in random spots along the arm seam, which will scratch you if you're not careful. Overall too many problems and a lack of care for the price.