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The Sullivan - Performance Tweed Denim Sofa

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Tyra F
Beauty and comfort

I love my new Sullivan sofa. It is a solid, high-quality piece and was delivered on time as promised. The cushions and pillows are soft but firm enough to support and not lose their shape. I’m happy with my purchase!!

Diane Sturges
Love the Sullivan!

I have had my Sullivans for a month, and absolutely love them. The fabric matched the swatch exactly. The seat cushion is firm but very comfortable. Have already had a few naps. Chose the Performance Basketweave over the linen because the linen wrinkles. The sofas are beautiful, graceful lines. Highly recommend.

Cindy Ringley

I’m very happy with our new Sullivan sofa! Ordering was a breeze, the company kept in contact about production and delivery and the sofa was perfect! Loved the performance velvet fabric!

Qty. 2 65" Sullivans in Pebbled Leather

Research phase:
I ordered swatches in performance linen and textured linen to see how the fabrics looked and felt in person. Textured linen was softest. I also did a spot treatment test on the material by marking it with pen (something my toddler would inevitably do, no doubt) and then spot cleaned it and threw the swatch in the laundry to test for ease of stain removal (something I was anticipating doing with the slip cover line). The fabric didn't meet my standards/lifestyle so I opted for pebbled leather with a 65" Sullivan frame since the Dune is not available in leather. I do not regret this decision every time I wipe yogurt finger prints left by my toddler. The prices are comparable to restoration hardware.

The online ordering process was quick and easy, once you scrutinize all the customizable options. The production status updates were appreciated. I receive two Sullivan sofas within the original lead time, I think a week or two ahead of schedule. Arranging white glove delivery was also easy. When my husband noticed a tear in the leather, we took photos and sent it to Maiden Home who was phenomenal at finding a resolution by replacing the entire sofa. They even let us hang on to the damaged one while the replacement was being constructed. From the time of delivery we noticed many loose staples would shed/fall out of unknown places. This only lasted a day or two and were easy to pick up with a vacuum.

Some pickiness:
65" is okay for 2 people but definitely not 3 to sit comfortably. This size was a room constraint so I don't necessarly regret it. The sofa legs do not entirely sit flat on the floor, almost at though they were installed at a slight angle. Luckily, the low setting of the sofa does not bring attention to this. The outside sides/arm rests of the Sullivan are not filled with cushion, best described like an art canvas with the wood frame and leather wrapped around hollowness. This lends to the leather pulling/stretching when the furniture was moved into place. Looks a little like a stretch plastic bag. Okay really pickiness there, the seams of the leather cording are glued, not serged together by stitching so it will be interesting to see how they hold up.

Wrapping it up with Pro's:
The overall feel is very comfortable. Their lead time was great considering how other vendors had astronomically long lead times coming out of the pandemic. Customer service was equally wonderful. Can't wait to see what else Maiden Home launches in the future.

Fix, Exchange or give partial Refund for the Sullivan Sofa and Ottoman.

The 1 st Sullivan Sofa I ordered arrived with a transportation /belt wear on the now fraying fabric of the sofa corner area.
Back then, at that time, 2021, maidenhome offered a $300 partial refund, OR a furniture repair compay to come into my home and replace the back of the sofa fabric OR exchange and reorder with full credit.
I exchanged for a 2nd Sullivan Sofa with a higher wear count fabric-merino,
and I also purchased a matching Sullivan Ottoman.
This time upon delivery of the 2nd Sofa, in 2022, the sofa was a thicker fabric and better quality of workmanship, then the 1st Sofa,
1- BUT THE SPRINGS SQUEEK when I sit down and move around on one end.
2- AND the Ottoman did NOT match the Sofa. It had seams on the two sides and exposed thread stitching.
The Sofa had neither of these.
I requested to be given a partial refund, instead of the furniture company ripping apart fabric and springs on my home floor.
I know their pricing will be around the $300 range to FIX the back springs from squeeking. Maidenhome said it may have happened during transportation from NC.
Maiden home said they will not offer a partial refund and having people in my home floor to fix springs is the only solution. They since today, offered a partial refund after reading my review.
So to have people in my home to turn this huge sofa upside down and repair springs/dust cover, etc as the only solution, but am considering the partial refund , since this was posted.
Maidenhome said that the Ottoman did not match the sofa and would be exchanged.
They asked me to mail UPS -the fabric sample under the sofa seat.
I asked them if I could reuse/keep this ottoman and use elsewear. (This $725 foot stool) Maidenhome since offered to sell it to me at a 10% discount. Now $652

I dont know what they do with all the returned furniture pieces they get back, but it would make me happier as a customer. to feel like all this wasted time came with any kind of reward besides testing my patience that 3 pieces ALL had issues.
Maidenhome has had to EXCHANGE 2 items now and get 1 fixed in my home or get refunded.
Its a waste of everyone's time and money. I am dissapointed in the email interactions with Maidenhome, that is full of apologies but not asking how they can make it right. They give the options mentioned and you decide if you are happy or not with their options.

Maidenhome and all the employees who are supposed to have a FINAL quality control person verify that ALL custom made furniture
completed are made to the Maidenhome standard that I had hoped I could rely on.
Someone employed is NOT sittting on the sofa and also NOT seeing that the ottoman does NOT match the sofa.

2 Sullivan Sofas AND 1 matching Ottoman (that did not match the sofa), were NOT up to quality standards, and shipped out anyway.

(I still need the sofa fixed /or take partial refund
and will wait again many months before a NEW ottoman will be remade.)
This experience with these 3 orders placed with maidenhome are NOT resolved to my satisfaction and I am NOT a return customer.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with your pieces. We completely agree that your experience has fallen outside of our expectations, and we remain committed to correcting these concerns on your behalf, as quality is our top priority. In reviewing your concerns, our team has confirmed that the springs on your Sullivan were likely damaged during the shipping process, and we are glad to have been able to proceed with your preferred path forward towards making this right. Regarding your ottoman, we will be replacing this piece fully on your behalf, to ensure you have in your home pieces you will love for years to come. We understand you have been in touch with our Customer Care Manager, but please let us know of any additional questions at

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