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The Varick - Mohair Mink Sofa

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We are so happy with this sofa. We purchased the 75’’ olive performance velvet and it looks exquisite in our new living room. It’s comfortable, love the curves, and is the perfect seating hight. The back is a little low but it’s perfect for us because it keeps us from blocking our view to our living room. Highly recommend.

Varick Sofa - Impeccable

Like others on here, I was very hesitant to make such a large purchase (both in shipping size and $) over the internet without the ability to sit on this sofa first. In fact, I deliberated over this decision for over a year, reading and analyzing other reviews waiting for someone or something to push me over the edge to order. Finally I just took a leap of faith and can honestly say my only regret is that I waited a year and wasted time when I could have been enjoying this beautiful and comfortable sofa in my home this whole time. It is far beyond expectations in comfort; the fabric is gorgeous and as represented in the sample I ordered (Performance Linen: Creme); the quality of construction/lines/seams are far better than anything I've seen in stores. For reference, I am 5'11" and my husband is 6'2" and we are both very comfortable lounging on the Varick (85"); I mention this because some people had concerns, as did I, about the low back profile or if it's deep enough in the seat. However, the cushions on the back create plenty of additional height and support for your back so you don't feel the low profile of the sofa frame. The sofa even arrived ahead of schedule and for a completely custom piece it was still way faster than other online retailers who have only one size option and a small handful of fabric choices. All in all, don't hesitate any longer, order it now and begin to enjoy comfort and perfection!

Cody Miller
Such good quality

I did this couch in the performance melange weave, shell color, and it couldn’t be more perfect. The quality is second to none and after lounging, the cushions hold their form well. Was able to order swatches before and because I have a dog I took her paws to the materials to see which would withstand, and I’m 5 months in with no wear and tear at all on the couch. So extremely pleased with every aspect of this purchase. Both of my MaidenHome purchases exceeded expectations, which is nice given it’s not cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for and more. Thank you MaidenHome!

Well made and comfortable!

Purchased Varick sofa and chair & half both in taupe performance velvet with a Mercer side chair in cider. The Mercer keeps it all tidy while the Varick is casual elegance. I robustly tested the swatches (chocolate, wine, hot sauce) and all came out clean with just soap and water. I also tested most west coast designers for comfort but ended up buying Maiden Home sight unseen. So glad I did as I found them to be the most comfortable by far. It's been nearly a year and the pieces look as good as new although I fluff and rotate the cushions and keep a throw for the 3 dogs. Highly recommend the bench seat and longer length for comfort. Not for slouchers, more for loungers.

Year Review

Our varick is 100", lagoon performance velvet. We've had it a year and intentionally waited to post a review to give an idea how it held up. For places we sit frequently, the back cushion stays in a squished state even when we try rotating and fluffing it. The back cushion is also a few inches short of the size to cover the entire back of the sofa so we end up with a gap. The seat is still as comfortable as the day we got it, perhaps more so. We love that this is a single cushion that is tied to the sofa, it has held up very well. The fabric withstood our child's spills and dirt. Our dog's long fur wipes or vacuums right off it. The fabric color looks great in south light. I find the back is a bit too short for me but other people in the household love it. Check the measurements if you like more upper back / neck support on a sofa. Make sure you rotate where you sit or be ok with crushed looking cushions. If I were to buy again, I would try something different - maybe Jones. Good luck!

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