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The Ultimate Maiden Home Sofa Comfort Guide


There is one question that we hear every day from our customers: which is your most comfortable sofa?

Buying a piece of furniture that will be so central to your home and life without trying it in person can feel like a leap of faith. Especially when you've been burned too many times by furniture that over promises and under delivers. This sofa is where you’ll watch too many episodes of the show-du-jour, host your friends and family for the big game, and finally finish the book that’s been on your list for too long.

We understand that, so when we launched Maiden Home, we started with a fundamental question: Why do high-end sofas have that luxurious sink-in feeling when you flop down on them, and why can't the big box retailers come close? When cushions and frames all look the same in the shop - what makes the difference in feel? We discovered that the only way to deliver the best in comfort was to start with the best: regional American craftsmanship, resilient cushion cores, sturdy springs and frames, and the finest fabrics and leathers

So when it came time to design our first pieces, we built our signature Maiden Home comfort from the inside out, engineering each sofa to suit a range of different comfort profiles. From the downy-soft to the super supportive, our range of shapes has you covered. We know because we test each of our sofas in real homes, with real people before launching them so you can rest easy knowing you're getting some of the comfiest furniture on the market. 

Every Maiden Home sofa delivers dreamy comfort, but which style's specifically engineered comfort profile is best for you? Read on to discover which piece is perfect for your home and lifestyle. 

The Carmine

Maiden Home Comfort Guide

The Carmine is our most supportive seat, carefully balancing a polished look that requires zero maintenance and enough sink-in comfort to make it a great every-day piece. It features a shallower seat depth and upright back, which gives it a sleek, slim profile.

The seat on this style begins with a foundation of eight-way hand-tied springs. Considered the gold standard in furniture construction, this technique is known to maintain its comfort and support for decades. The Carmine’s cushions are made using a core of high-resilience Ultracel foam and are then wrapped in layers of micro-fill. This pairing of spring and cushion construction mean a seat that will maintain its loft, comfort, and support for years to come.

“The seat cushions are very comfortable and soft – you kind of sink into them, but then they bounce right back which is great for maintaining a clean look.” - Jackie Clair, New York

The Irving

Maiden Home comfort guide

The Irving has a softly-reclined seat back and loose, plush cushions that provide a more casual, cozy feel. If you’re looking for all-day comfort paired with support, The Irving is a great choice for your home.

To achieve the modern, slim silhouette of The Irving, the seat is constructed using rows of heavy gauge sinuous springs that allow for a resilient, long-lasting system of support. All our spring systems are covered under a lifetime warranty, so you’re covered from any loss of resilience even decades down the line. The Irving’s cushions are made using a high resilience Ultracel foam core wrapped in generous layers of microfill for that sink-in comfort you crave paired with snap-back-to-shape style you covet.

The Irving is just what we hoped for and more. It’s sturdy but comfortable and elegant yet inviting.” - Geneva and Raaj, Massachusetts

The Warren

Maiden Home Comfort Guide

When we designed The Warren, we knew that a versatile piece like this would need to feel like movie nights and sunday cartoons, but look like visits from the in-laws and holiday parties. This meant a more generous seat depth and soft recline paired with seat and back cushions that would look great every day without fluffing.

Eight-way hand tied springs make up the incredibly comfortable and resilient seat of The Warren. This time-honored technique creates the basis for The Warren’s careful balance between modern style and sink-in comfort. Cushions made from our high resilience Ultracel foam core wrapped in thick layers of microfill provide a casual sit perfect for kicking back at the end of the day. Even the arms of The Warren are layered with microfiber to make them ultra-cozy.

“While it’s deep enough to sink into, it’s not so deep that it takes up a ton of space. It has a low profile and slim arms, but it’s still really welcoming, like a warm hug!” - Anne S, California  

The Ludlow

Maiden Home comfort guide

The Ludlow was one of the first shapes that we designed when launching Maiden Home and has become a favorite for its super relaxed, ultra comfortable sit paired with gorgeous styling details like its biscuit-tufted tight back. Given its generous seat depth and the recline of the seat back, its polished look belies a super plush feel.  

The Ludlow’s seat is is constructed using rows of heavy gauge sinuous springs that provide a resilient seat on a sleek, slender silhouette. The tufting on its tight back features extra loft to lend another level of softness to the recline. The cushions on The Ludlow are made using a high resilience Ultracel foam core wrapped in generous layers of microfill for a luxuriously comfortable sit.

We love our new Ludlow sofa - gorgeous and comfortable - it’s become the favorite seat in the house for adults and kids alike!” - Holly D, New York

The Sullivan

Maiden Home Comfort Guide

The Sullivan has become Maiden Home’s most popular style for the everyday cozy sofa. Its bench cushion creates the perfect spot for movie watching and afternoon naps while its shelter arms provide a cozy nook for reading or sitting in front of a roaring fire.

The Sullivan features a spring foundation of eight-way hand tied springs, a technique that creates an incredibly durable seat that is rarely, if ever, found at Maiden Home’s price point. Its seat cushions are constructed using a core of high resilience Ultracel foam wrapped in a jacket of feather, down, and microfill to balance the lofty comfort of down with a low-maintenance lifestyle. Each of its back cushions is made with three individually sewn channels that prevent its down, feather, and microfiber fill from settling over time, so you won’t need to constantly fluff or rotate the cushions to maintain their polished look.

The bench cushion makes it super comfortable to cuddle up and lay down on, and the back cushions are so well constructed that they don't slouch and look sloppy like every other loose cushion couch I've ever seen.” - Ellen G, New York

The Dune

Maiden Home Comfort Guide

The Dune sofa is our most relaxed style designed as the ideal spot for naps, movies, or just hanging out. Scatterback cushions create a luxurious yet laid-back vibe, like falling into a super soft bed with the perfect number of pillows. If you’re looking for a more tailored aesthetic - while still maintaining that heavenly cloud-like comfort - The Dune’s two-back configuration lends a more polished look.

The Dune’s seat is constructed using heavy gauge steel sinuous springs that provide the perfect foundation for this light, airy style. Its bench cushion features a high resilience Ultracal foam core wrapped in generous layers of down and feather mixed with microfill to create an ultra-lofted, sink-in, kick-back seat. The Dune’s slipcover is hand-sewn in Performance Washed Linen, an exclusive material we custom-developed for this shape to have all the same performance qualities of our other fabrics, but with that super-soft, broken-in feel of your favorite tee-shirt.  

“The comfort of the Dune is like sitting on a cloud with the construction of the bench seat cushion and down feather and fiber fill.” - Anissa Z, Indiana

Compare and Contrast 

Maiden Home Comfort Guide

We’re excited to build you a sofa that will feel as good in ten years as it does the day it arrives in your home. Ready to dive in? Ordering swatches is a great first step to designing the perfect piece for your home.

If you’ve narrowed it down, but want a second opinion - we want to hear from you! Drop us a line at hello@maidenhome.com or give us a ring at 888-513-5754. Our Design Advisors have the low-down on each of our styles and would be happy to help you navigate the process of designing your custom sofa.

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