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Measuring Tips and Tricks

Measuring Tips and Tricks

The Jones Modular in Bone Performance Textured Linen

Pictured above: The Jones Modular Sofa in Bone Performance Textured Linen, The Bond Chair in Camel Tuscan Leather, and The Mott Stool in Ivory Shearling.

Finding a piece that fits your style and lifestyle is key, but making sure that piece will fit into your home on delivery day is even more important.

Our white glove delivery partners are experts when it comes to maneuvering pieces inside of your home. On delivery day, they will help to identify which is the best path inside and, if necessary and possible, remove legs or bases to ensure a successful delivery. However, please be sure to properly measure the entirety of your delivery path and compare it to the Measurements for Delivery of your piece before placing your order, as we cannot accept returns or exchanges on pieces that we are unable to deliver due to fit issues.

To help guide your decision, we've outlined our handy tips—from measuring doorways to the best path of delivery—to ensure you feel confident that your piece will be the right fit. 

Step 1: Note Key Dimensions

You can find detailed dimensions, including the three most important—Width (W), Depth (D), and Height (H)—on each product page.

Note Key Dimensions

Step 2: Measure Your Home

Walk the journey of your piece from outside your home to its intended location—ensuring that the piece can clear all doorways, hallways, and tricky turns. Measure the height (A) and width (B) of all doors and hallways. For narrow entryways and corners, also measure the total Clearance Length (C) between the outside and interior walls. From there, determine the best pathway for your piece to take starting from outside your home to where the piece will ultimately be placed.

Extra Tip: In addition to noting the dimensions of your doors and hallways, it is important to account for fixtures, decorative moldings, interior walls, stairwells, and elevators when measuring—as they may pose an obstacle when delivering to a building or once the piece is in your home.

Measuring Your Home

Step 3: Determine If Your Piece Will Fit

To determine if your piece will fit, follow this simple rule of thumb: The width of the entryway (B) must exceed the piece’s Depth (D) OR its Height (H). We list these helpful Measurements for Delivery on each piece's Tearsheet which can be viewed by clicking the Sectional or Sofa Dimensions link on the product page. In most cases, the height of a piece can be reduced by removing the attached legs or base. You can find out whether or not your piece's legs or base can be removed by referring to the FAQs within the Product Details of any product page. 

Determine If Your Piece Will Fit

Horizontal Fit: If the entryway clearance (C) exceeds the piece’s width (W), then you can move it in horizontally.


Fitting Your Piece Horizontally 

Vertical Fit: If the entryway clearance (C) is less than the piece’s width, then it will be brought in vertically, meaning the entryway height (A) must exceed the piece’s width (W).


Fitting Your Piece Vertically

Making The Decision

The piece will not fit into your home if either of these hold true:

  • The piece’s width exceeds both the entryway clearance AND entryway height.
  • If the entryway width is less than the piece’s depth and height, even with legs or base removed.

Ensuring a Successful Delivery

Our white glove delivery partners are there to make sure your piece is safely placed within your home, in the same pristine condition that it left our North Carolina craftsmen. To help ensure a successful delivery, make sure to note the following: 

  • If you live on a higher floor (3rd floor or above), it's helpful to let our delivery partners know when they reach out to you to schedule your appointment. This helps them plan the extra time it takes to carry your piece safely up the extra flights of stairs.
  • Our delivery partners can only carry pieces in and out of ground floor entrances. Please account for the dimensions of entryways, and do not plan for pieces to be delivered through patio doors, front stair railings, or over balconies.
  • For the safety of our delivery teams, they cannot lift pieces over their heads.

Need a second opinion? Your personal Design Advisor is here to help—text us at (646) 374-4298 or send us an email to discuss everything from the Maiden Home shapes you love to the best layout for your space.  

We offer an assortment of styles that suit not only your tastes, but a wide variety of spaces. The Jones Modular is an ideal option for tricky spaces—allowing you to Build Your Own, piece by piece to fit your everyday needs within your space.


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